Getting Specified for Commercial Interior Projects

If you want to get specified for the biggest and best commercial interior projects in 2024, your target is likely to be the top 100 interior design firms. Simple, right? Let’s go for the biggies. And if you want to find out who those firms are, it could not be simpler: a quick search in your favourite search engine will provide all the lists you need. For this article, we’ll use the Interior Design Giants Top 100 for reference as it’s backed by real revenue numbers and it also gives a breakdown by sector eg hospitality projects, residential projects etc.

So, now you have your list. And it’s a great list – well researched and everything. But no matter how much you look at it and start getting excited about some of the big numbers next to those firms, it doesn’t get you any closer to the action. Because you need to get behind the list - behind the company names that you are chasing and you need to break it down: find the right regional people eg North America’s top interior design firms. Then you need a name. You need the decision maker.

Perseverance, consistency, natural charm and a bit of luck with timing may eventually get you a conversation. Then what? Your best sales pitch in 5 minutes flat? We know it’s tempting – you’ve come so far. But you know that’s not the way. You believe in your products. And that has to be where it starts. But even if you make the very best of whatever it is in your sector and you have a team behind you who will deliver on your promises, the sale is a long way off. Because you don’t know enough yet. You don’t know enough about them and they don’t know enough about you. And until they start to get the right signals that you could be someone they can work with. That you understand something about who they are and what they care about: their challenges, their aspirations and frustrations. That you’re reliable. That they can trust you. Only then will the ice start to break and their world open up to you.


Commercial Interior projects – it’s all about relationships

You know it’s all about the relationships. Always has been and probably always will be. And without the right relationships, your quest to get specified for those commercial interior projects will remain an elusive one. So, you need to meet these people. Get yourself and your products in front of them somehow. And here’s your lifeline: if you want to get closer to the real decision makers from the world’s largest architecture and design firms, there is a way. Where so much of the hard work has already been done for you. Where the top architecture and design firms have been identified. The decision makers have been spoken to. Their attendance is confirmed. The large-scale interior projects are real and many.  And a strictly limited number of suitably qualified manufacturers are sending their best people to meet them.

America’s top architecture and interior design firms in one place

Arc Interiors delivers North America’s most influential architects and interior designers from the top A&D firms on neutral ground, with time and opportunity to meet every single one of them. It is NOT an interior design trade show. It is a one-to-one business meetings forum. What the ‘f’ is a forum, you might ask? All is explained here. For now, let’s just say it’s about who comes, the projects they represent and the quality of access you have to them.


Here is a snapshot of America’s top architecture and design firms who are already confirmed for Arc Interiors, September 21-24. 2023. Numbers next to the firms indicate their ranking in the top 100 interior design firms:

Gensler 1

Principal, Mixed-Use Leader, Studio Director

Jacobs 2

Design Principal, Interiors West

Interiors Design Principal

Perkins & Will 3

Interior Design Principal


Managing Principal, Workplace

Associate Principal, Workplace Leader


Principal, Interiors Practice Leader

Associate Vice President

Principal | Associate Vice President, Interiors Practice Lead: NE Region

Design Director


Senior Design Principal, Interiors

Director of Interiors

Principal, Director of Interiors

Principal, Director of Design, Interiors

IA Interior Architects 6


Managing Director

Nelson Worldwide 8

Design Director

CannonDesign 9

Associate Vice President

HDR 11


Interior Design Principal

Interior Design Practice Director

Interior Design Principal

Design Principal

Please not the companies and job titles. Now think about the effort and expense of just trying to get in front of this number and quality of buyer under your own steam. Starting to make sense?

Every architect and designer who attends Arc Interiors must evidence a portfolio of live, confirmed commercial interior projects or they don’t make the cut. These are the people driving America’s biggest interior projects and they have the clout to decide who gets specified and who doesn’t. And it’s the scale of these projects that makes this so compelling. Here is a small sample from the 100s of interior projects our ‘buyers’ represented at Arc Interiors last year:

Project Name - Town, State, Country - Size (sq ft) - Completion - Type


Youtube - San Bruno, CA, USA - 500,000 - 2025 – Commercial

Google KU South - Kirkland, WA, USA - 280,000 - 2023 – Commercial

160 Front Street West - Toronto, ON, Canada - 1,200,000 - 2023 – Commercial

Sentry Insurance Corporate Headquarters Renovation - Stevens Point, WI, USA - 350,000 - 2023 – Com

Lockheed Martin Corporation - Highlands Ranch, CO, USA - 210,000 - 2022 – Commercial

Bristol Myers Squibb 9 Roszel Road - Princeton, NJ, USA - 120,000 - January 2022 – Commercial

Multi use Project - Bangkok, Thailand - 3,000,000 - 2026 - Mixed Use

Culdesac Denver - Denver, CO, USA - 1,700,000 - 2024 – Residential

UNA Residential Tower - Miami, FL, USA - 680,000 - 2025 - Residential

Hurley Place - Denver, CO, USA - 450,000 - 2023 - Mixed Use

Academic, Civic, Mixed Use, Residential, Denver Housing Authority - Denver, CO, USA - 300,000 -
2022 - Residential

USSS Workplace Study - Washington DC, DC, USA - 600,000 – Planning

The project list for Arc Interiors 2023 is being compiled right now. If you want to be among the first to see it when it’s published, ask Charlie to put you on the list:

3 days with America’s commercial interior project leaders

In order to prise America’s most in-demand interior designers and architects away from their projects and offices, we need to make it worth their while. So, BOND have devised an intensely productive program of one-to-one meetings with best-of-breed manufacturers, AIA-approved seminars and an abundance of networking where these time-pressured project leaders can catch up with their peers and get to know the attending solutions experts properly. It allows America’s top architects and interior designers to pack a year’s worth of information gathering and inspiration into just 3 days. It’s also a lot of fun.

So, if you want to get closer to the people behind America’s Top 100 Interior Design firms and you have some interesting solutions that could help them deliver what their exacting clients want, you may have found your platform.

For more info. on who’s coming, how it works and what you can expect to achieve at America’s leading interior design forum, just ask Jenny: