Arc US 2023

America’s Leading Architects Forum

November 2-5, 2023

East Coast

Principal Architects with large-scale commercial projects throughout North America

North America’s  Top 100 architecture and design firms will be with us at Arc US this November. That’s America’s most prolific and difficult-to-meet Principal Architects and Specifiers in one place, relaxed and ready to talk.

In terms of large-scale, commercial projects, this number and quality of decision maker simply isn’t available in one place, anywhere else.

Shall we start with who comes?

Get the full list of Architects, Designers and Specifiers confirmed so far here. When we say America’s most senior Architects, that’s what we deliver. And if they don’t have live, confirmed commercial projects, they don’t get invited.

Now take a moment to consider the time, effort, loss of hair and expense it would take to even try to get in front of this number and calibre of decision maker and you’ll start to appreciate what’s on offer here…


Frank Rascoe

Design Principal


Bill Baxley

Managing Director


Stephen Buck


ZGF Architects

Bruce McEvoy

Design Principal


Linda Brown

Senior Specifier


Manny Dominguez

Director of Design

Cooper Carry

How it works

As with all BOND Events, the Arc US experience centres around a series of private, one-to-one meetings between senior Architects and vendors that each have selected before the event. And this is just the start: you are all together for 3 days and 3 nights, away from all the usual distractions of projects and office environments in a uniquely relaxed set up where you can properly get to know each other. And this is where the commercial project trail really lights up. Because this is about relationships and connections and the very real collaborative possibilities that come from them.

America’s busiest Principal Architects are giving us 3 days of their time to come and meet solution providers who can help them deliver something outstanding for their clients. And if you want to get a true understanding of the needs and aspirations of North America’s large-scale commercial project leaders and have some interesting solutions to discuss, you will not find a better platform.

If you haven’t attended a BOND event yet, we can forgive you for being a tiny bit cynical at this stage. Some testimonials might help. Or a video? Better still, have a conversation with us because it’s hard to make this real for you simply through words on our website. You might want to talk to some people who have already attended a BOND event to get things from their side and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

For suppliers, Arc US is the best way, bar none, to win hearts and minds at America’s leading A&D firms.

For Architects and Interior Designers, the value lies in re-connecting with peers and discovering the best solutions to your design challenges from the experts who will be your lifeline.

In short, it’s where large-scale commercial projects find the people and the products they need.

This is THE opportunity to meet with the top architects in the country. Relationships just keep growing.

Mike Granatowski

National Architectural Sales Manager



Please note the following program is from the September 2021 event and will be updated for 2023 soon!

3:30 pm Majestic Ballroom Foyer

Delegate Registration

6:00 pm Majestic Ballroom 1-3

Seminar - A Citizen Architect's Journey

Steven Lewis | Principal, ZGF Architects

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Using the 4 themes below, I will share the opportunities available for architects to be agents of positive change through public service and private practice.




Who are we and how do we qualify?


Detroit’s equitable and inclusive recovery.


The profession of architecture’s response to the demand for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and, Concrete steps firms can take to live into an anti-racist present and future


Steven brings to ZGF a wealth of experience across urban planning and design, most recently holding a post with the City of Detroit as the Design Director for the Central Region of Detroit’s Department of Planning and Development as well as holding a Professorship in Practice, leading design studios focusing on community issues and urban planning at the University of Michigan. He was a founding partner of the firm RAW International in Los Angeles where he helped build a successful design practice over a 20-year period and collaborated with ZGF on memorable projects including the Exposition Park Master Plan and the California Science Center that made a tangible difference in the fabric of their communities. In 2004, Steven accepted an invitation to join the U.S. General Services Administration’s Office of the Chief Architect in Washington, DC, where he served a four-year term as program manager. Key projects included the $300m renovation of the Federal Complex in downtown Chicago designed by Mies van der Rohe, security pavilions at the 26 Federal Plaza federal building in New York City and the Thurgood Marshall Federal courthouse renovation. “We have had the privilege of working with Steven on exceptional projects that have had a distinct impact on the cultural life of the city,” notes Ted Hyman, ZGF’s managing partner. “His commitment to community building and placemaking is woven into every project he touches.” In addition to Steven’s excellence across the built environment, he demonstrates a commitment to equity in the profession that infuses every part of his professional life. Steven was a Loeb Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Design for the 2006-07 academic year, where he focused on the issue of race within the profession of architecture. In December 2010, he concluded a two-year term as President of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), traveling around the U.S., and several other countries advocating for architects-of-color. Steven used his platform as NOMA president to prioritize cultivating the next generation of diverse architects and designers. He was the 2016 recipient of the AIA’s esteemed Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award, and was elevated to the AIA’s College of Fellows.
7:00 pm Porte Cochere

Welcome Drinks Reception

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Welcome Dinner

6:00 am Bourbon Steak House

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8:45 am Majestic Ballroom 1-3

Seminar - Building Envelope Design: Understanding Codes, Best Practices and Tie-ins

Chris Kann | Product Manager, Carlisle

Chris Kann
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Building envelope systems and continuous air barriers have gained prevalence in the marketplace with inclusion into building and energy codes over the last decade. This presentation aims to bring awareness of code requirements as they relate to building envelope components and systems and shed light on common material misconceptions. Additionally, this presentation will focus on the all-important tie-in junctions which have been known to cause confusion resulting in leaky buildings and system failure. We will discuss tie-in design considerations, known product incompatibilities, as well as tie-in installation best practices.


Carlisle Construction Materials LLC (CCM) is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products and related technologies for the commercial and residential construction markets in over 80 countries worldwide. Carlisle has been a recognized leader in the roofing industry for nearly half a century, offering high-performance single-ply roofing solutions that include EPDM, TPO, PVC and roof gardens, as well as, architectural metal with custom fabrication capabilities. Carlisle also offers a full-line of polyiso and expanded polystyrene insulation, as well as a host of steep-slope underlayments, duct sealants, adhesives and hardware. Due to the expanded line of products, Carlisle also offers a single-source building envelope solution, by providing spray foam insulation, multiple types of air and vapor barriers and a variety of waterproofing materials. Every Carlisle company offers sustainable, eco-friendly products that help reduce a building's carbon footprint, and often minimizes its energy consumption and costs.
10:00 am Majestic Ballroom 4-8

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One to One Meetings

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6:00 am Bourbon Steak House

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8:30 am Majestic Ballroom 1-3

Seminar - A Principal's Guide to Resilience and De-carbonisation

Rives Taylor | Regional Sustainability Leader & Principal, Gensler

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Gensler’s goal is to be proactive with our project work by encouraging the adoption of ESG principles that help our clients achieve design-resilience, creating places that have not only market value, but also environmental and social value. The decisions we make today will positively impact the most vulnerable groups and generations after us. Holistic design strategies achieve sustainability and resilience within this broader framework of impact. This starts with a focus on well-being and inclusivity in our designs, combined with an aggressive path to eliminate all carbon emissions in our work by 2030. We’re also challenging our industry colleagues to join our commitment through the Gensler Cities Climate Challenge (GC3).


Rives Taylor has more than 30 years’ experience in institutional and commercial architecture with 25 years spent focusing on strategic planning, programming, and sustainable design, scaled from facility operations to campus and city planning.  A Texas-practicing architect/educator, Rives directs Gensler’s Firmwide Design Resilience Task Force.  He casts a wide net in elevating both the why and how of sustainable design, including students, faculty, professionals, public officials and the general public. In 28 years as adjunct professor at the University of Houston and visiting professor at Rice University Rives has influenced more than 5,000 students in his technical and high-performance design studios and seminars.  The approaches Rives developed for Gensler not only affect the firm’s extensive practice but also influence clients’ building decisions worldwide. He developed a firm-wide green practice primer called “The Four Tiers of Sustainability,” led the inclusion of sustainable design in the firm’s in-house education program, and in partnership with Architecture 2030 and the Design Futures Council, developed an “eco-charrette” process and developed a building performance metric that is now used in all of Gensler’s projects. In 2015 Rives led Gensler’s delegation to the Paris Climate Conference/Agreement and led the editorial team for the “Impact by Design”  Rives developed design and construction standards for clients such as ExxonMobil, ThyssenKrupp, Ford and Toyota are now embedded in those clients’ protocols and are followed worldwide.
9:35 am Majestic Ballroom 4-8

One to One Meetings

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2:10 pm Majestic Ballroom 1-3

Seminar - The Economy in 2022: Growing But Slowing

Elliot Eisenberg PhD | President & Chief Economist, GraphsandLaughs, LLC

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This seminar begins with a macroeconomic overview of how the US economy and the global economy are likely to perform in 2021, with a view to offering insight into how that is likely to affect residential construction. To that end, Eisenberg will lead a discussion on how US GDP is likely to perform by carefully examining household consumption, corporate investment, government spending and net exports.

Eisenberg will then discuss labor markets and wage growth, stock market performance, household formation, rising wealth and small business and consumer confidence, and of course inflation and the likely path of interest rates in 2022 as these variables are critical for real estate.     

Eisenberg will then focus his attention on real estate including multifamily, commercial and industrial property, supply chain issues, the work from home phenomenon, and touch on global warming and green design and global economic growth.  He will close by looking at current economic conditions across all 50 states.


Acclaimed Economic Expert & Former Senior Economist at the National Association of Home Builders in the USA. Elliot Eisenberg. Ph.D. is an International acclaimed Economic Expert, often called the “Stand-up Economist”, uniquely specializes in making the arcana and minutiae of economics entertaining and relevant. His expertise is sought out by leading public and private sector organizations, state and local governments, hedge funds and investment advisory groups for his valuable insight on the economy and its impact on various industries. With a finger on the pulse of current trends and issues, his presentations include up-to-the-minute economic news and information. He has a unique, comical style that makes economics entertaining and accessible to all audiences.
3:15 pm Majestic Ballroom 4-8

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90% success rate with our meetings which were excellent! One of the best events for meeting architects, ever!

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