For the last 20 years, BOND Events have helped 1000's of Principals (Architects & Designers) connect with the people and solutions they need to constantly be at the top of their game.

Each BOND event condenses a year’s worth of information into one intensive three-day program, Friday-Sunday. From the one-on-one meetings with solution experts, to the peer-to-peer networking, to the AIA accredited seminars, you'll discover everything you need to impress your clients and drive your business forward, in the most time-efficient way possible.

1-on-1 meetings with top architects and designers

What's Involved?

One-on-one Meetings with Product Experts

AIA Accredited Seminars

Networking with your peers

You'll have a series of 30-minute, one-on-one meetings with leaders of product brands that can help solve your design challenges with their latest concepts. You choose who you want to meet ahead of the event.

AIA-accredited seminars designed specifically for Principals, giving you the tools and inspiration to drive your firm forward.

Meet other Principal Architects in your position from across the country. Everyone stays together in the same resort, letting you build important relationships over lunches, dinners, drinks and entertainment.

BOND events are truly one of a kind and the best in the industry.

Chris Petrash

There’s nothing else like this that I attend. There’s no other way to condense this kind of information, conversations and learning process anywhere else.

Brendan Dunnigan

Coming Up

BOND Diseñotel

The Forum for Latin America's Leading Hotel Designers

June 20-23, 2024 | Paradisus Palma Real, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Arc Interiors

The Forum for America's Leading Interior Architects

September 19-22, 2024 | VEA Newport Beach Resort & Spa, California

BOND Custom

America's Leading Luxury Home Architects' Forum

October 24-27, 2024 | VEA Newport Beach Resort & Spa, California

Arc US

America's Leading Architects' Forum

November 21-24, 2024 | JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa

Who Attends?

Typical attendees include:


BOND events are truly one of a kind and the best in the industry.

Chris Petrash

Being able to blow your clients away with the possibilities is what you learn here.

Marcus Acheson

Why Attend

BOND's programs give Principals access to better design options and an edge in their business. Here's how:

1. Quality Innovations

“Through BOND's events, I've gained access to what I consider "best in class" manufacturers that I would not have had an opportunity to develop a working relationship with otherwise.”
- Director of Specifications, RDG Planning & Design

2. Valuable Relationships

"Discussions with peers open doors to new business relationships. Personal discussions with suppliers give me new ideas for how my designs can push the envelope. Both have resulted in valued friendships."
- Principal, Audrey Matlock Architect

3. Expert Advice

“Meeting the owners and innovators at the manufacturers who are actually in charge of the architectural details they create helps deeply discuss what works well and what doesn't.”
- Principal, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

4. Customised Meetings

“The BOND events allow me to ask project-specific questions about products, leading to discovering new ways of using existing products or allowing me to give valuable feedback on R+D.”
- Principal, VCBO Architecture

5. Focussed Learning

"The attraction is the ability to take myself out of my office for a period where I can focus on learning. This gives me a potential edge in my business and allows me to consider design options I would not otherwise consider.”
- President, Kendle Design Collaborative

Apply To Attend

Attendance at our architecture events is by invitation only, but we welcome applications from Principal-level architects and designers. Attendance is free of charge for Principals that qualify.

Please complete the application form and a member of the team will contact you to let you know if your application is successful.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the BOND Events team on:

UK Tel: +44 203 854 3064
US Tel: +1 704 248 7945