The Forum for EMEA’s Leading Five Star Hotel Designers

October 12-15, 2023


EMEA’s Top Luxury Hotel Designers and Hospitality Design Firms in One Place

Getting specified for luxury hotel projects in Europe and the Middle East isn’t easy, especially if they’re new marketplaces for you. There are many regional factors to contend with but in the end, it comes down to two things: what you know and who you know. BOND Five Star EMEA can help you with both.

Let’s start with who comes.

If you scroll down you’ll get a snapshot of what to expect. But you really need to get the full list of buyers confirmed so far for this year to get a true measure of this.

EMEA’s most difficult-to-meet luxury hotel designers in one place

Around 50 of EMEA’s top luxury hotel designers and hospitality design firms will be with us in October. That means the busiest, most influential luxury hotel designers in Europe and the Middle East in one place, relaxed and ready to talk.

Now consider the time, effort and expense it would take to even try to get in front of this number and calibre of decision maker and you’ll start to appreciate what’s on offer here.

EMEA’s true luxury hotel project leaders

These are the people who decide who gets specified for the major luxury hotel projects throughout EMEA and beyond. And if they don’t have confirmed five star hotel projects on their books, they don’t get invited.


We pre-qualify designers to meet the following criteria:

1. Principal, Director, Vice President

2. Significant portfolio of five star hotel projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa

3. Global hotel brand or top architecture/design firm

Leaders in luxury hospitality design who attended in 2019 include:

Anne Becker-Olins

SVP Design & Technical Services - LUXURY Europe

Accor Hotels

Paul Bevis

Senior Director of Design
and Construction

Four Seasons Hotels
& Resorts

Chris Webb

VP Architecture & Design EMEA

Hilton Worldwide

Jaime Nadal

Director of Technical
Services & Design

Six Senses Resorts & Spas

Geraldine Dohogne

Interior Designer

Zannier Hotels

Francis Pereira

Senior Design Architect

Wimberly Interiors (WATG)

Joanne Teoh

Global Head of Interior Design

Millennium Hotels
and Resorts

Thomas Ito, FAIA, LEEP AP

Principal & Global Head of Hospitality


How it works

One-to-one meetings with EMEA’s top luxury hotel designers

As with all BOND Events, it’s about who comes and the quality of access you have to them: it starts with a series of private, one-to-one meetings between EMEA’s five star hotel designers and vendors that each have selected before the event. So you know exactly who’s coming and who you’re going to meet before the event. And this is just the start.

You are all together for 3 days and 3 nights, away from the distractions of studio and office environments, in a uniquely relaxed set up where you can properly get to know each other, and this is where EMEA’s luxury hotel project trail really lights up. Because this goes way beyond luxury hotel project leads – it’s about relationships and connections and the very real collaborative possibilities that come from them.

EMEA’s top hospitality design firms

EMEA’s top luxury hotel designers and Hospitality Design Firms come to BOND Five Star to get away from hotel project pressures to find inspiration and to connect with solutions providers who can help them deliver something outstanding for their clients. And if you want to get a true understanding of the needs and aspirations of EMEA’s five star hotel project leaders and have some interesting solutions to discuss, you will not find a better platform.

Still a bit cynical? Some testimonials might help. Or a video? Better still, have a conversation with us because it’s hard to make this real for you simply through words on our website. You may want to talk to some people who have already attended BOND Five Star to get things from their side and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

For suppliers, BOND Five Star EMEA is the best way, bar none, to win hearts and minds at EMEA’s most in-demand luxury hospitality design firms.

For hotel designers, the value lies in re-connecting with peers and discovering the best solutions to your hospitality design challenges from the experts who will be your lifeline.

Great selection of attendees and a chance to make wonderful new contacts. I was not sure what to expect from this event but it turned out to be wonderful, very worthwhile and I would certainly attend again.

Patricia Holler

Senior Interior Design Director

MARRIOTT international


PLEASE NOTE: This is a last year’s program.  Check back soon for the 2023 schedule.
Seminar timings and/or content may vary at our discretion.

1:45 pm

Meet in Lobby for Pre-Event Tour: The Louvre Abu Dhabi (Pre-Registration Required)

4:00 pm

Delegate Registration

6:30 pm

Seminar - Living on Purpose

Craig Goldblatt | Inspirational Coach and Speaker, Craig Goldblatt

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Are you living your purpose at the deepest level?

Are you committed to deliver an inspired and impactful life? 

Do you believe you can fulfil your potential in this lifetime?

In order to be truly motivated we need to know and understand the following: There is only one thing human beings want in our lives and that is to experience our deepest feelings, to feel a strong sense of security, excitement, self-worth, connection, growth and giving to others. To live with clarity and power, it is important to realise our emotions; what Is missing for us and what we have in abundance.

Purpose led exercises help both us and others to experience more of what we want. 

• Clarify who you are at your very best 

• Gain a real understanding of yourself, your purpose and what’s most important to you right now 

• Uncover your strengths so you create the massive impact you’ve always imagined 


Passionate about Living on Purpose, Craig connects people, to the impact they want to make through keynotes, personal coaching, purpose workshops and experiences.700 keynote presentations. 5 continents. 100,000 people worldwide. For over 2 decades, Craig has been changing lives with his powerful message. With his ability to challenge rather than tell, he rouses audiences to take action and become their best selves Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Craig has travelled the globe, working in the private sector and with charity enterprises and non-profit organizations. Experiencing some of the most diverse cultures on the planet, he has developed an enhanced awareness of purpose, intention, motivation and human identity. Empowering people to make a real difference, Craig connects each individual and organization to the heart of their true purpose and creates an actionable blueprint to make it happen.

7:30 pm

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8:40 am

Seminar - Building Civilization in the Age of Globalization

Marwa Al-Sabouni | Architect & Author, Sibat Architects

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Throughout the history of human civilization, architecture has been the tool by which we have our left our mark on the earth. However, in a time when architectural merit is most often measured according to size, scale, and quantity, accompanied by our conflicting realization of the perils consumerism and global growth represent, we need to remember that the way we build not only marks human existence but also defines the way forward for our continued existence. With pandemics, conflicts, climate and economic crises, humanity is being forced to rethink its choices. Architecture must be at the forefront of this process. It’s not enough to merely build for shelter or to impress, the responsibility of building must address the key questions that led to the building of civilizations, the pinnacle of human achievement, without leading to it’s destruction that we are witnessing around the world. How do we find balance in an age that is notorious for its speed and connectivity which are surpassing all of our endeavors to tame their negative impacts on civilization? We realize that in order to reap the fruits of our globalized progress for humanity, we are placing too much on the alter of technology. What architecture can do about it, is the question.


Dr. Marwa Al-Sabouni is an award-winning architect, author and an international speaker from Syria. She has received the Prince Claus Award in 2018, and ranked in the BBC 100 Women 2019.

Her acclaimed book The Battle for Home was chosen in the Guardian as one of best architectural books 2016, and was named by the UK Prospect Magazine as one of the Top 50 thinkers around the World.

Her TED Talk was among the best of TED talks 2016 and was viewed over one million times. The Architectural Digest listed her as one of the top contenders for the Pritzker Prize 2018. Her second book Building for Hope was published in 2021. And she is a Fellow at Ralston College USA.

She took part on different platforms around the world such as the Sydney Opera House and the World Economic Forum.

Her writings have been published in RIBA Journal, Architectural Review, Financial Times, Standpoint Magazine, ICRC Journal among others.

She runs a private studio with her partner in their city Homs. And co-founder of Arch-news ( the world's first and only website dedicated to architectural news in Arabic and the winner of Royal Kuwaiti award for best media project in the Arab World 2010. 

9:40 am

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Seminar - The True Essence of Upscale Design

Jeremy Heyes | Senior Vice President, Wimberly Interiors (WATG)

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In August 2000 WATG welcomed an unexpected visitor to their London Studio. During the ensuing conversation the visitor represented the Abu Dhabi ruling family he described the vision of the UAE hosting the next GCC conference in a purpose-built palace at the end of the corniche in Abu Dhabi. The property was to be the ultimate luxury hotel and conference venue and WATG were invited to compete with two other architectural companies to submit design proposals. So began a 5-year design and process that redefined hospitality in Abu Dhabi and significant architectural gesture that together with the presidential palace next door define a response to a culturally sensitive campus of civic buildings.

• The evolution of the project brief to a conference venue for the UAE Emirs to meet as well

• Clear organisational clarity to meet protocol requirements

• Careful selection of material palette

• The intellectual rigour behind the selection of the Islamic decoration and pattern

• The procurement of the project, construction management/package contractors

and onsite design office

Today the hospitality landscape has changed significantly but luxury destination hotels are still playing a key role in the development and urban fabric of world cities and their architectural and design scene. We shall illustrate this two recent WATG projects within the region that opened in the last year. The Ritz Carlton Amman, Jordan, and the startling different Waldorf Astoria, Lusail, Qatar. Both projects have very similar area programmes and size of development, and both embody the true essence of upper upscale hospitality design.


With more than 35 years of global experience in planning and architecture, Jeremy has a wide-ranging background. His highly creative design and project management expertise spans hotels, entertainment and leisure resort facilities, and residential developments the world over.

Since joining WATG in 1992, Jeremy’s portfolio has grown to feature some of the firm’s most iconic legacy projects, including the major civic landmark Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, which encompasses more than 270,000 sqm in built area and a beachside elevation of over two kilometres. He was the senior project architect for the original US$65 million refurbishment of Claridge’s Hotel in London, and was design and development lead for LEGOLand Windsor Resort, England, which is renowned for its innovative design that continues to delight children and adults alike.

More recently, Jeremy has been at the helm of new openings including the Ritz-Carlton Amman and Chedi Katara, as well as the award-winning St. Regis Astana Hotel and Residences and Porto Montenegro.

Jeremy is currently serving his third term on the WATG Board of Directors.

9:45 am

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1:25 pm

Seminar - How to Design with your Ears

Julian Treasure | Sound & Communication Expert, The Sound Agency Ltd

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Sound expert, author and five-time TED speaker Julian Treasure explores the huge opportunity to design sound that’s appropriate, delightful, and congruent with visual branding in hotels. He will viscerally demonstrate the four powerful ways in which sound affects guests and staff alike and show how our senses interrelate so that that design can never be truly complete if it focuses on the eyes alone. He will then explore the shocking extent of a global problem: noise, which adversely affects happiness, effectiveness and wellbeing in many environments – including hotels – and reveal the four simple steps to excellent sound design, including some tips on beneficial sound and a brand-new tool. He will end with an introduction to audio branding with some real-world examples, showing how to create sound that’s not only effective but also iconic and memorable.


Julian Treasure is a sought-after and top-rated international speaker. Collectively his five (yes five) TED talks on various aspects of sound and communication have been viewed more than 80 million times. His talk How To Speak So That People Want To Listen is in the top 10 TED talks of all time.

Julian's first book, Sound Business, is the seminal work on creating effective business sound, now in its second edition and also published in Japanese. His audio branding company The Sound Agency works with major brands worldwide proving that good sound is good business and pioneering the use of generative soundscapes instead of mindless music in spaces like airports, shopping malls and offices.

His second book, How To Be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening, is a practical guide to improving the vital personal communication skills of listening and speaking (both public and private), which have been eroded by our ocular culture, including our obsession with screens. The book includes many simple exercises; interviews with experts; and potent, transformational concepts gleaned from 30 years' experience as a speaker with a passion for listening.

Julian has been widely featured as a sound and communication expert in the world's media, including TIME Magazine; The Economist; The Times; and many international TV and radio stations and podcasts. He is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Marketors, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a long time musician, remembering with affection his two 1981 BBC John Peel sessions (the bands were Transmitters and Missing Presumed Dead). He lives in Orkney, Scotland with Jane and their daughter Holly.

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