EMEA’s Top Luxury Hotel Design Event

October 12-15, 2023

Cavtat, Europe

EMEA's Top Luxury Hotel Designers. Guaranteed.

This October, EMEA’s busiest and best luxury hotel designers will head to Five Star EMEA.

These are the people behind the luxury hotel projects you’d love to be a part of with the clout to decide who gets specified and who doesn’t.

To get a proper handle on this, you need to see who’s coming:

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Now, think about the time, effort and expense of trying to get in front of this number and quality of hotel project leaders under your own steam.

Is it even possible?

This is your chance to sit down, one-on-one with the people behind EMEA’s biggest and most interesting luxury hotel projects. 3 days and nights away from deadlines and distractions means time and space get to know each other properly. And that’s where the most meaningful, long term business happens. Always.

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Who you’ll meet

EMEA’s Top Luxury Hotel Designers

EMEA’s busiest and best luxury hotel designers are giving us 3 days of their time to come and meet manufacturers who have interesting things to show them and who can help them deliver what their clients want.

If luxury hotel projects are important to your business, these are the people you need in your life and you won’t meet them anywhere else.

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Five Star EMEA regular attendees include:

Anne Becker-Olins

SVP Design & Technical Services - LUXURY Europe

Accor Hotels

Paul Bevis

Senior Director of Design
and Construction

Four Seasons Hotels
& Resorts

Chris Webb

VP Architecture & Design EMEA

Hilton Worldwide

Jaime Nadal

Director of Technical
Services & Design

Six Senses Resorts & Spas

Geraldine Dohogne

Interior Designer

Zannier Hotels

Francis Pereira

Senior Design Architect

Wimberly Interiors (WATG)

Joanne Teoh

Global Head of Interior Design

Millennium Hotels
and Resorts

Thomas Ito, FAIA, LEEP AP

Principal & Global Head of Hospitality


Great selection of attendees and a chance to make wonderful new contacts. I was not sure what to expect from this event but it turned out to be wonderful, very worthwhile and I would certainly attend again.

Patricia Holler

Senior Interior Design Director

MARRIOTT international

This is the best type of event of this kind in the industry. Very professional – good balance of pure work and research and (social) networking.

Andrew Bennett


BOKA Powell

How it works

This is not a trade show.

You know who’s going to be here before you arrive and you will have a guaranteed number of 1-to-1 meetings with the ‘buyers’ of your choice. And this is just the start:

You are all together for 3 days and 3 nights at a luxury resort, so there’s time and space to meet everybody and it’s this abundance of natural networking that opens up a whole world of possibilities. Because there’s a real community feel here and everyone’s more relaxed and open and any number of conversations can light up the luxury hotel project trail right in front of you – you’ll see!


> 18 pre-arranged 1:1 meetings
+ 72 hours of networking in a luxury resort
= a proven formula for success.


We will deliver EMEA’s true luxury hotel project influencers with time and space to get to know each other properly.

You just need to show up!

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Seminar timings and/or content may vary at our discretion.

Thursday, October 12

4:00 pm Ragusa Foyer - R Level

Delegate Registration

6:00 pm Bobara - 5th Level


Charles Leon | Managing Director, Leon Black

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Most of what we think about thinking is wrong. We think that thinking is stringing words together in a meaningful way. We favour numbers and data because they are easier to quantify, test and analyse. Most often, visual thinking gets relegated to the back burner. Designers, however, see the world differently.

Designers assemble and associate meaningless materials and make marks in such a way that they have meaning and tell a story.

This talk is about how we transform meaningless information into stories that have meaning and how and why we tap into a basic human instinct, not to make beautiful objects but to tell a better story.


Charles Leon is a designer, published author, illustrator, speaker and past president of the BIID.

Charles initially trained as a theatre designer, working with the National Theatre and the English National Opera, leading to designing for films and hotels.

Charles also lectures internationally on the interface between creativity, design-thinking, neuroscience, economics, politics, philosophy, sociology, innovation, emotion, and how creative minds work.

7:00 pm Spinaker Terrace - 5th Level

Welcome Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Spinaker Terrace - 5th Level

Welcome Dinner

Friday, October 13

6:30 am Restaurant Cavtat - 4th Level

Breakfast at your leisure

7:00 am In-App & by E-Mail

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7:00 am TBA

Yoga & Meditation with Craig Goldblatt

8:30 am Bobara - 5th Level

Seminar - Living on Purpose

Craig Goldblatt | Inspirational Coach and Speaker, Craig Goldblatt

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Are you living your purpose at the deepest level?

Are you committed to deliver an inspired and impactful life? 

Do you believe you can fulfil your potential in this lifetime?

In order to be truly motivated we need to know and understand the following: There is only one thing human beings want in our lives and that is to experience our deepest feelings, to feel a strong sense of security, excitement, self-worth, connection, growth and giving to others. To live with clarity and power, it is important to realise our emotions; what Is missing for us and what we have in abundance.

Purpose led exercises help both us and others to experience more of what we want. 

• Clarify who you are at your very best 

• Gain a real understanding of yourself, your purpose and what’s most important to you right now 

• Uncover your strengths so you create the massive impact you’ve always imagined 


Passionate about Living on Purpose, Craig connects people, to the impact they want to make through keynotes, personal coaching, purpose workshops and experiences.

700 keynote presentations. 5 continents. 100,000 people worldwide. For over 2 decades, Craig has been changing lives with his powerful message. With his ability to challenge rather than tell, he rouses audiences to take action and become their best selves.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Craig has travelled the globe, working in the private sector and with charity enterprises and non-profit organizations. Experiencing some of the most diverse cultures on the planet, he has developed an enhanced awareness of purpose, intention, motivation and human identity.

Empowering people to make a real difference, Craig connects each individual and organization to the heart of their true purpose and creates an actionable blueprint to make it happen.

9:45 am Ragusa Conference Hall - R Level

One-to-One Meetings

12:40 pm TBA

Group Photograph

12:50 pm Restaurant Cavtat - 4th Level


1:55 pm Ragusa Conference Hall - R Level

One-to-One Meetings

5:10 pm Hotel Lobby

Meeting for Transport to Gradska Kavana Arsenal Restaurant

8:00 pm Off-site at Gradska Kavana Arsenal Restaurant

Drinks & Dinner

Saturday, October 14

6:30 am Restaurant Cavtat - 4th Level

Breakfast at your leisure

8:30 am Bobara - 5th Level

Seminar - The Top 10 Luxury Travel Trends Shaping the International Hotel Industry in 2023

Suze Renner | Founder & CEO, Luxury Columnist

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The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, with hotels adapting to the ever-changing needs of their guests. Understanding the latest trends in luxury travel is essential for developing and renovating accommodation that stands out from the crowd. From eco-friendly initiatives to cutting-edge technology, Suze will elaborate on the groundbreaking trends transforming the way people travel in 2023 and beyond.


Suze Renner is an experienced luxury branding expert and website owner. Based in London, UK, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the luxury industry. 

As the founder of Luxury Columnist, a business she started in 2014, Suze has built one of the top luxury websites, attracting a substantial number of monthly unique views.

With over 500,000 social media followers, Suze has successfully leveraged her online presence to provide optimal ROI for the brands she collaborates with. She offers consultancy and training services in luxury branding and marketing, travel trends, and social media.

Suze is an experienced luxury panel moderator, leading lively discussions on the latest industry trends. Her ability to conduct extensive research on panellists and discussion topics ensures engaging and informative debates.

Additionally, Suze specializes in photography and videography, providing captivating visual content for luxury brands. Suze's accomplishments have been recognized in the industry, earning her the distinction of being a finalist for Social Media Photographer of the Year by TravMedia. Suze is also the Founder of Chocolate Cherry Kisses, a website focused on food and drink that she established in 2020.

Suze's career journey began in France, after completing the first ever honours business degree taught in French in the UK. Upon graduation, she marketed computer games at Ubi Soft, and subsequently advised local companies on export regulations and commercial practice at a French Chamber of Commerce.

Suze has an eye for detail and a knack for creative storytelling, making her an invaluable asset to the luxury industry. Her expertise has helped numerous individuals gain a better understanding of how to create meaningful brand experiences that last.

For more information and to connect with Suze, visit her website,, or reach out to her via email at

9:35 am Ragusa Conference Hall - R Level

One-to-One Meetings

1:05 pm Restaurant Cavtat - 4th Level


2:10 pm Bobara - 5th Level

Seminar - Eat the elephant one bite at a time

Tim Harris | Executive Coach and Speaker, Tim Harris Consulting

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Fatigue dominates the lives of those without direction or dreams. But without goals dreams are simply dreams. Without processes though, goals are simply goals. If you enjoy the process then you enjoy both the journey and the goal. How does one set lofty motivational goals without causing overwhelm? The percentage play in life is to reduce goals so they are more attainable but the easy way is a trap, it denies you growth. Not aspiring to more carries with it the burden of unfulfilled ambition. To grow you must breach your comfort zone. Stumbling is essential in becoming a great leader. Do you have the guts to fail? Do you have the resilience? What if you don’t? Does adversity reveal character or build it? How do you behave in the face of seemingly insurmountable pressure? 

All the above went through my mind. Let me tell you about the decisions made, the mistakes, the uncertainty, the lessons and the outcomes.


Mental Resilience Expert and Extreme Endurance Rower

Tim is an expert on mental resilience and regularly speaks on bold goal setting, transition, teamwork and resilience but also the dangers of toxic resilience, where the needs of the leader play second fiddle to the needs of the business, which can lead to burnout and even suicide.

Tim, with severe arthritis and after shoulder reconstruction, committed to complete the world’s toughest row, a three thousand mile unassisted crossing of the Atlantic, a challenge so extreme that more people have been into space, and ten times as many have climbed Everest.

The row took two years of preparation and fifty-two gruelling days to complete, over three hundred back-to-back two hour shifts on the oars on just three hours sleep a day, a mind-bending feat.

Many companies, teams and individuals struggle with transition, overwhelm and stress, and consequently can lose perspective and become ineffective.

Tim uses his inspirational and emotional stories to teach life changing resilience skills to combat this, with some amusing stories of nakedness, hallucinations and being dethroned by a flying fish thrown in for good measure. But just as importantly Tim explains how to spot signs of toxic resilience setting in.

Tim also speaks and coaches on how to manage stressful life changes, having transitioned from Global Head of a multi-million dollar commodities business to retraining as a coach and his transatlantic heroics. All this having been a long-term sufferer of poor mental health. He was told that neither mentally nor physically would he be able to finish the race. Finish it he did though, raising a hundred and sixty thousand pounds for a teenage mental health charity in the process.

Tim’s expertise on developing resilience, managing change and motivating teams has been sought by companies and elite organisations internationally. From the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy, to Elite Military Units, Thames Valley Police, Google, The Times, Times Radio, and City hedge funds through to the NHS, mental health charities and schools.

After Tim presented to the Royal Navy aboard HMS Warrior the Vice Admiral, Martin Connell CBE, commented ‘Tim gave a masterclass in self-awareness and resilience by telling his personal life story about his Atlantic row, what he learned about himself and how he is now seeking a renewed purpose in his life. Sincere, thoughtful and charming with powerful and memorable messages applicable to all. I would very much recommend Tim as a speaker and leadership coach.’

Tim is incredibly passionate about sharing his insights and approach having gone through many struggles himself both at work, at home and while crossing the Atlantic. He will give you practical and simple tactics to massively stack the odds in your favour, eliciting changes in attitude and delivering action points that are immediately usable and relatable.

Tim authentically inspires people to set bold goals, enhance and believe in their resilience, move outside their comfort zones and push their potential helping them to become more than they thought they were.

3:15 pm Ragusa Conference Hall - R Level

One-to-One Meetings

5:55 pm

Free Time

7:00 pm Alverde Terrace - 5th Level

Farewell Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Alverde Terrace - 5th Level

Farewell Dinner

10:00 pm Poseidon Night Club - 2nd Level

Dance the Night Away

Sunday, October 15

6:30 am Restaurant Cavtat - 4th Level

Breakfast at your leisure

8:00 am Hotel Lobby - R Level

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