rise is BOND's Corporate Social Responsibility Program, working towards a world where sustainable social enterprises, created by local entrepreneurs in low income countries, are the norm.


After 7 years of working in Southern & Eastern Africa, having experienced how under resourced local social entrepreneurs are in rural environments, Daniela Gusman teamed up with Oliver Needs, BOND Events’ president, to found rise.

Formed in 2016, rise believes in the importance of a world where sustainable social businesses, created by local social entrepreneurs, are provided with resources, knowledge, and the professional community needed to be successful and transformational in their communities.

Through our professional network in the design and architecture industry, rise links aspiring social entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities in low income sub-Saharan African countries to essential resources they don’t otherwise have access to in their local communities. Resources provided include start-up funding, business skills, and mentorship. By working directly with individuals and their communities in a holistic manner, we aim to develop training and solutions that can address local needs and contribute to economic development.

Additionally, rise seeks to solve the poor quality and lack of infrastructure outside of most African capital cities by bringing local skilled labour to work on architecture projects in rural areas thus improving the construction know-how within local communities. We aim to bridge the disconnect between trades people and professionals, bringing them together through a program called in loco that uses locally sourced talent and materials, striving to create an entrepreneurial mindset.


Our first project

The first rise project is transforming the overcrowded God's Love Centre orphanage in Lesotho, Southern Africa.

The project will not only provide additional accommodation, study and service facilities for the children, but will be a design and build training program for local students.

BOND underwrites rise’s operational costs so that rise can be a self-funding organization. This means that 100% of donations go directly to rise‘s social business and community development programs.

For more information and to get involved, visit www.riseint.org