Welcome to B0ND Events

BOND Events delivers high-level, one-to-one meetings forums for leading Architects and Designers to help them serve their clients better. Registered in the USA and the UK, BOND Events has created a series of Architect and Design Events which have been a lifeline for Principal Architects, Designers and leading Supplier Companies, world-wide since 2004. BOND serves the leading A&D Firms in the US, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.


How it works


Principal Architects and Designers meet with qualified supplier companies in a pre-matched program of 30-minute one-to-one meetings. This is just the start…


Architects and Designers discover new products and suppliers learn what potential clients need. AIA accredited seminars keep you inspired, informed and entertained.


3 days and 3 evenings with the region’s top A&D firms in a five-star resort. This is where relationships are built and collaborations are born.


You will make the most important and enduring connections here that could take your project business to a whole new level.

See who comes.

BOND's Mission

To continue to create effective one-to-one meetings forums which educate, stimulate and assist Principal Architects and Interior Designers from the largest A&D firms to better serve their clients.

Our Promise

Our aim at BOND is to make it easy, effective and enjoyable for you to build relationships. These relationships can and will change your business for the better. We are first and foremost about people and connection. Honesty creates connection. We believe in straight talking and our business is based on a foundation of clarity and trust.

The BOND Experience

We want our clients to feel engaged, excited and part of a community - like they’re doing business with people who care, who listen, who are authentic. Clients love the fact that we keep our promise - that they actually get to have meetings with the world-class architects and designers they want to meet.

Corporate Social Responsibility

rise is BOND's Corporate Social Responsibility Program, working towards a world where sustainable social enterprises, created by local entrepreneurs in low income countries, are the norm.
Read more about rise here.