Your Project Community

This isn’t just a chance to come and sell. It’s about making meaningful connections with the most influential project leaders in your sector and all the collaborative opportunities that brings.

It starts with a series of one-to-one meetings with the buyers of your choice. But you are all together for 3 days and nights, away from daily distractions so you can meet everyone, and any conversation here has the potential for big business in the short or longer term. It’s also a lot of fun.

We have been bringing the real project influencers together since 2004 and it’s a proven formula for building vital relationships that last.


Before the Event

Purchase your Package

Prices are based on the number of one-to-one meetings you want. Everything (except flights) is included: accommodation, airport transfers, meals, all activities and contacts book.

Choose Meetings

One month before the event, you pick the Architects and Designers you want to meet, based on their projects and profiles that we give you.


This is not a trade show. There are no exhibition stands to worry about, the only thing you need is yourself and a genuine curiosity in everyone you’ll meet here.

During the Event

One to One Meetings

Spread over Friday and Saturday, your meetings program is the core of the event. You’ll sit down with the Architects and Designers at their own table, for 30 minutes.


You’ll be making connections from the outset, starting with Thursday’s Pre-Event Tour and Welcome Reception. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and all activities are spent together so you can talk to everybody here.

AIA Accredited Seminars

Word-class seminars tailored to Principal-level Architects and Designers help us attract the best in the industry. They’ll also give you insight into what Architects and Designers are thinking about, right now.

Benefits of the BOND Experience

More and more building and interior product manufacturers are turning to BOND Events as a more meaningful way to connect and build relationships with Architects and Designers. Here, some of BOND's clients explain why...


Why Attend?

Access hard-to-reach Principals

Running a studio often means there’s no time for trade shows, lunch and learns, or returning your calls. But our Principals make time for BOND because they can condense a year’s worth of quality meetings and information, into just two days. It’s the only time throughout the year that many will meet with suppliers.

Build relationships

With no exhibition stands, displays or staff to worry about, you can focus on building the relationships that will help your business prosper. Pick the meetings package that suits you - everything is included - just show up, take care of business and let us take care of the rest.

Save time and effort

All our Principals are pre-qualified decision makers with significant portfolios of live projects. Now consider the time, effort and expense of even trying to get in front of this number and quality of decision maker and you'll start to appreciate what's on offer here.

Get specified

30-minute uninterrupted, private meetings let you have a depth of interaction you won’t get at a tradeshow or office visit. It's more effective in getting specified because architects can 'get' your products and their applications, and you can get a clear understanding of what they need.

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of suppliers surveyed in 2018 believe BOND's events provide them with a better ROI compared to a trade show.

This is THE opportunity to meet with the top architects in the country. Relationships just keep growing.

Mike Granatowski

Quite frankly, it was one of the most valuable few days of my career.


Jeff Pelletier

Having done trade shows for a number of years I had fairly low expectations on ROI. I was wrong. The event is unlike a trade show and the one-on-one meetings were valuable information exchanges. The exposure to so many folks through the meetings drove familiarity outside the meetings, which helped build great relationships.

Mike Buchholz


Choose from the available package options depending on the number of one-on-one architect meetings you wish to conduct.

In addition to your meetings, supplier packages include:

Three nights accommodation at the event hotel

Full access to the entire event, including seminar sessions

A copy of the event directory

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks with all attending architects

To match the senior level of our Principals, we ask senior management who represent their company at either a national or global level to attend.