BOND Custom 2019

America's Leading Luxury Home Architects Forum

October 10-13, 2019

Arizona, USA


BOND Custom is a unique forum designed to help Principal Architects and Designers of high-end luxury residences stay ahead of the curve. Principals learn about new developments that they can pass on to their clients and enhance their businesses. They do this through a series of private, pre-selected meetings with leaders of innovative, high-end solution providers, plus pinpoint seminars and networking with peers from across the country.

Industry Leaders

We pre-qualify designers to meet the following criteria:

1. Principal, Director, Vice President

2. Significant portfolio of luxury, custom home projects in North America

3. Top architecture/design firm

Confirmed attendees for 2019 include:

Jeffrey Pelletier


Board & Vellum

Charles Cunniffe


Charles Cunniffe Architects

Thomas Hickey



Gregory Palmer


Harrison Design

John Mastera


John R Mastera & Associates Architects

Elizabeth Graziolo


Peter Pennoyer Architects

Victor Salas

Vice President

Richard Manion Architecture

Mike Wetzel



Quite frankly, it was one of the most valuable few days of my career.


Jeff Pelletier

Owner & Principal

Board & Vellum


Seminar timings and/or content may be varied at our discretion.

Thursday, October 10

1:40 pm Hotel Lobby

Pre-Event Tour: Biosphere 2 (pre-registration required)

4:00 pm Satellite Desk

Delegate Registration

6:30 pm Turquoise I

Seminar - Lead as a Creative - Manage as a CEO

Ian Jarvis

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The architecture / interior design industry is a web of small businesses run by extremely creative people many of whom never planned to lead a staff of 10- 50 or more. There is often a reluctance to risk the creative signature on the alter of a more powerful managing structure. In that vacuum however, viscosity and crisis can become the new normal, actually reducing creativity and creating a significant drag on margin and market penetration too. The problem is made more complex because generally, the clients have little experience and unrealistic expectations and the supplier base too, is largely run by people who got there via the excellence of their craft rather than their business acumen. Ian Jarvis, a globally trained consultant, wants to illuminate the solutions that can both nourish creativity while instilling success, efficiency and high focus for you as well as for your team of intense and ambitious folks The takeaway will be, Management’s Ten Commandments; The Starting Point For Change.


Ian Jarvis is a proven executive; a results-oriented leader who sets goals, creates focus and drives performance. Bi-lingual and with an extensive track record throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia, Ian has a unique ability to solve problems at hi-speed and manage complex relationships near or far. Ian began his career in Paris, then moved to NYC to launch a French firm, Saint Gobain, in the highly competitive, US fragrance market. His success in New York, led to multiple offers and he ultimately transitioned to an entrepreneurial partnership in Los Angeles with heavy manufacturing responsibilities in the Pac Rim.  After selling his last firm to French multinational Pechiney, Ian turned down offers to helm several companies, electing instead to create a consulting career. Ian works with executives in industries as varied as media, law, design, automotive and mobile. Ian’s experience, from start up to global, gives him a profound perspective on the real issues we all face in driving success and satisfaction in our work and those who work for us. His focus is in depth understanding of real time company dynamics, lifting the scrim on theory, reality and old habits and bringing his clients career changing insight in their workplace and themselves. 
7:30 pm Poolside Courtyard

Welcome Drinks Reception

8:00 pm Poolside Courtyard

Welcome Dinner

Friday, October 11

6:30 am Sundance Café

Breakfast at your leisure

8:15 am Turquoise I

Seminar - Stop Them in Their Tracks: A Stair Designer’s Manifesto

Shawn Christman | President, SMA

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Staircases possess the power to lift our eyes and lift our spirits. Exceptional staircase design transforms a client’s ascent of a staircase into one of being effortlessly lifted to a higher level. The prescriptive building code possesses the power to reduce staircases to a frustrating mathematical exercise in code compliance. Using “Top Down Design” will completely change your perspective on the building code it can become your ally in delivering great user experiences, rather than your enemy. Be lifted from apprehension to ambition, from ambition to inspiration, and from inspiration to the admiration and thankfulness of your clients as Shawn maps out the path for elevating your designs into the realm of drama, sensuality, and visual impact.

With over three decades of successful practice in the challenging arena of grand staircase design and fabrication, Shawn brings insight and inspiration to this technical and challenging field. In a product category that can be full of landmines and unmet potential, his guidance is pragmatic, down to earth and actionable.


Shawn F. Christman founded a custom stair fabrication and design firm in Seattle in 1978. The firm went on to contract for projects from Japan to Disney World, including landmark stair designs for Hollywood celebrities as well as Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 CEO’s. Shawn has designed staircases of note for decades to the acclaim of architects, owners and contractors, routinely eliciting such praise as, “This handrail is better than sex… Almost!“ He is a recipient of six Best Staircase awards at the annual peer judged StairCraft awards at the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association, including Best Circular Stair, Best Straight Stair and the People’s Choice award. Shawn sold his company in 2013 and now maintains a private custom stair design consultancy for architects and interior designers. He was recently honored at the annual design awards gala of the Northwest Society of Interior Designers for the Most Innovative Design Component. He is the current President of the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association. The SMA assists the design community and vendors in code reform, stair code interpretation and application, as well as being something of a brotherhood for the advancement of exceptional staircase design throughout the country. Fluent in French and English, Shawn has hosted numerous master craftsmen from France, known as Compagnons, from 2002 to 2015. He was a guest speaker at the National Congress of Joiners for the Compagnons in France in 2013. Shawn holds a bachelors degree in French and Education from Seattle University. Shawn gains quick access to ongoing high end design projects throughout the country piloting his Piper Jetprop, in which he is a frequent visitor to architectural firms in Telluride, Sun Valley and Lake Tahoe.
9:20 am Satellite Desk

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9:35 am Turquoise II-III

One to One Meetings

12:30 pm

Group Photograph

12:40 pm Epazote


1:45 pm Turquoise II-III

One to One Meetings

5:00 pm

Free Time

7:00 pm Last Territory & Courtyard

Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Last Territory & Courtyard


Saturday, October 12

6:30 am Sundance Café

Breakfast at your leisure

8:15 am Turquoise I

Seminar - Natural Stone the Sustainable Solution - The Right Choice of Stone for the Best Residential Developments

Peter Harrison | Independent Stone Consultant

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Natural stone has been used to build shelters since the Iron Age. It continues to be a very popular material for all types and styles residential development.

This presentation will look at the ways in which stone is, and can be used in all styles of design. It will consider how design can achieve the sustainable use of stone and its impact on the environment.

It will discuss how those quarrying, manufacturing and installing natural stone can demonstrate their company’s compliance with the ethical trading initiative and the modern slavery act.


It was 59 years ago that I started work for a stone company. First-hand experience with different cultures, construction methods, regulations and all aspects of quarrying, production, design and installation around the world has served me well. I have presented lectures on the design, installation and selection of natural stone in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. I have been a member of the Stone Federation Great Britain since 1984 and was President from 2000 to 2002 and President of Euroroc for 2017 & 2018. In 1969 I joined the BSI committee producing the first British Standard Code of Practice CP 298 Design and Installation of non- loadbearing natural stone cladding. I am a member of the BSI committees revising BS 8298 Parts 1 -5 natural stone cladding, BS 5385-5 natural stone flooring & BS 8000-3 workmanship for masonry. In 1994 I joined the European CEN committee for natural stone producing standards for natural stone. On the 15th March I was honoured to receive the Duke of Gloucester Gold Medal for outstanding lifetime achievement in the natural stone industry, presented by the Duke of Gloucester.
9:20 am Turquoise II-III

One to One Meetings

12:15 pm Epazote


1:20 pm Turquoise I

Seminar - The Economy in 2019 and Beyond: Growing but Slowing

Elliot Eisenberg | Presidente & Chief Economista, GraphsandLaughs, LLC

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Learn from Dr. Eisenberg how all four parts of GDP will perform in 2019, including household consumption, corporate investment, government spending and net exports, and what the likelihood of a recession occurring in the next 12 months is. Eisenberg will also focus on population growth and the aging of the US population and its relevance to construction.

Eisenberg will also focus on household balance sheets, energy markets, auto sales, consumer and business sentiment and corporate profits. Eisenberg will then look at how labor markets and wages are performing, what the likely path of inflation will be and how the Federal Reserve is likely to respond in terms of interest rate hikes.

Eisenberg will then focus on all types of relevant construction activity including residential, commercial, industrial and public by examining many trends as well as leading and coincident economic indicators of such activity and the likely path forward. Eisenberg will also look at sale prices by regional and property type, capitalization rates, the labor shortage, demographics, the changing face of retail sales and more. He will close by looking at current and future economic conditions across all 50 states.


Aclamado Experto en Economía y ex Economista Senior de la Asociación Nacional de Constructores de Vivienda en los Estados Unidos. Elliot Eisenberg. Ph.D. es un reconocido experto en economía internacional, a menudo llamado el "Stand-up Economista" y se especializa en la realización de los arcanos y los puntos característicos de la economía entretenida y relevante. Su experiencia es buscado por líderes de organizaciones del sector público y privado, gobiernos locales y estatales y los grupos asesores de inversiones por su valiosa información sobre la economía y su impacto en diversas industrias. Con un dedo en el pulso de las actuales tendencias y asuntos, sus presentaciones incluyen información y noticias económicas del día. Tiene un estilo único y cómico que hace ver la Economía entretenida y accesible a todas las audiencias.
2:25 pm Turquoise II-III

One to One Meetings

5:40 pm

Free Time

7:00 pm Sunset Point

Farewell Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Sunset Point

Farewell Dinner

Sunday, October 13

6:30 am Sundance Café

Breakfast at your leisure

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