BOND Custom 2021

America's Leading Luxury Home Architects Forum

November 11-14, 2021

Florida, USA


BOND Custom is a unique forum designed to help Principal Architects and Designers of high-end luxury residences stay ahead of the curve. Principals learn about new developments that they can pass on to their clients and enhance their businesses. They do this through a series of private, pre-selected meetings with leaders of innovative, high-end solution providers, plus pinpoint seminars and networking with peers from across the country.

Industry Leaders

We pre-qualify designers to meet the following criteria:

1. Principal, Director, Vice President

2. Significant portfolio of luxury, custom home projects in North America

3. Top architecture/design firm

Typical attendees include:

Jeffrey Pelletier


Board & Vellum

Charles Cunniffe


Charles Cunniffe Architects

Thomas Hickey



Gregory Palmer


Harrison Design

John Mastera


John R Mastera & Associates Architects

Elizabeth Graziolo


Peter Pennoyer Architects

Victor Salas

Vice President

Richard Manion Architecture

Mike Wetzel



The best run architect-vendor event I’ve attended. Significantly more useful than conventional trade shows.

Brian J. Connolly


Zivkovic Connolly Architects


Seminar timings and/or content may be varied at our discretion.

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Seminar - Everything Principals need to know about zero net-energy buildings

Charles Eley | Architect/Engineer, Eley Consulting

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The future of building design will be different as we address the challenges of global warming and resulting climate change. Electric energy will become cleaner as utility-scale wind and solar replace coal and natural gas and as battery and other electricity storage systems become more viable. But renewable energy systems and batteries will also become common place at the building scale. Buildings will become both producers and consumers of electricity. 

To provide resiliency, many communities will be designed to operate with their own wind and/or solar electric generators coupled with battery storage. Such microgrids can be “islanded” from the larger grid to provide resiliency in times of emergency. Individual homes or residential buildings may also be designed for “islanding” (nanogrids) to provide residents with the same benefits. 

Natural gas combustion will give away to heat pumps as a means to heat our homes and provide hot water. Many communities already ban new natural gas hook-ups. All-electric homes will become the norm. 

Air conditioners, water heaters, heat pumps, EV chargers, clothes washers/dryers and other household appliances will have microprocessors to communicate with the electric grid and operate in ways to help balance the grid without compromising service. 

Electric vehicles will replace gas-powered cars as the grid becomes cleaner and CAFE standards become tougher. Charging stations will become a common feature in parking stalls and their presence will significantly impact building electric systems. Car batteries may be able to provide electric storage services to the building. 

Many communities will lead with “reach” codes that go beyond minimum energy efficiency standards. A model for this is the Architecture 2030 ZERO Code, parts of which have been adopted into the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) as an optional appendix that can be adopted by progressive jurisdictions. 

New metrics for building energy performance are emerging such as time-dependent source energy which is used by the ZERO Code and being adopted for the next version of California’s energy efficiency standards. The TDS metric recognizes that carbon emissions and source energy change throughout the day. Emissions are low in the middle of the day when solar is plentiful and high at dusk when gas generators need to come on to make up for the declining solar. The metric encourages building-level storage and energy efficiency, especially when it is factored into electric utility rate schedules.  


Charles Eley is an architect, mechanical engineer and author with 40 years' experience in energy efficient and sustainable design. His latest book is Design Professionals Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings (Island Press 2016). During his career, Mr. Eley has made significant contributions to the California energy standards, ASHRAE Standard 90.1, and energy codes in Hong Kong, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa and Australia. He has also developed a number of important technical manuals and publications; served as the founding executive director of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools; developed a number of energy analysis software applications; and has served as energy consultant for a number of landmark green buildings. Mr. Eley currently writes, serves on non-profit boards, provides specialized consulting, and teaches classes on building energy efficiency and green technologies.

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Seminar - Secrets and Strategies to Leading, Engaging, and Retaining Millennials and Gen Z

Paul Angone | Gen Z and Millennial Expert

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Millennials already make up more than 50% of the workforce, and in 2025 Gen Z will make up 25%. Strategically attracting these “next generations” to your organization, and then successfully engaging and retaining them, is not an option, it is a necessity. So who and what are Millennials and Gen Z? And more importantly, what are the mindset and motivators that actually drive retention rates, workplace engagement and Millennial/Gen Z decision-making? Author, speaker, and “Next-Gen Expert” Paul Angone shares the secrets to leading this next generation in meaningful and impactful ways that will help you engage, recruit, and retain young professionals at a higher level.


“Like advice from a wiser, funnier, older brother...Paul Angone's been there, done that, and wants to save you the pain and trouble.” – Seth Godin, New York Times Best-Selling author Paul Angone is one of the leading experts in the nation on the Millennial generation and how all generations can work better together. He is the best-selling author of three books, a sought-after national keynote speaker, and the creator of, which has been read by millions of people in 190 countries. With over 10+ years writing, speaking, and engaging Millennials, plus a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, Paul has worked with companies such as Intel Security, Wells Fargo, Stewart Title, and Aflac and has been featured in publications such as Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, Business Insider, and AARP. Paul delivers dynamic, relevant, and informative content that will help all generations in your company work better together.
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Seminar - MeToo, other trends, and the impact on Firm Leaders

Laurie Dreyer | Director of Development, Taylor-Design

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Have you ever thought to yourself “when did that change?” I had no idea that was an issue or a problem. Then this is the class for you. We will discuss the on-going needs and risks within our practices and some of the ones coming your way soon. What does the #MeToo movement mean to our firms? Equity by Design? Why can’t someone just be an independent contractor if they want to? We will also delve into the key elements of culture. How to test your theories of staff Happiness. Elements to maximize staff retention. Where is your next staff member right now? Is it human or AI? How do you win a bidding war? It will be a lively discussion and we can learn from each other.


A graduate of UC Berkeley, Laurie has a background of HR leadership positions at The Ratcliff Architects, Gensler, Psomas, Anshen+Allen/Stantec, and now Taylor Design!  A frequent speaker and teacher Laurie has presented for the AIA (national and local), the Senior Executives Institute, ACEC, UC extension, Knowledge Architecture and other events.  Never one to shy away from open and frank discussions, come hear the latest in HR risks!

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Seminar - Built To Sell: Preserve Your Firm’s Legacy and Maximize Its Value

Enoch Bartlett Sears | Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Architect Business Institute

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Residential architecture practices often end with their owners; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the freedom to walk away with a nice payout and the knowledge that your legacy is in great hands?

In this informative and engaging session you’ll discover the 4 pillars for ensuring a firm’s legacy continues through building a self-managed, self-directed team that allows the firm to be sold or successfully transitioned internally to a new generation of leadership.


Enoch Bartlett Sears AIA is the founder of Business of Architecture, which produces the Business of Architecture podcast where Enoch interviews the world's leading architects and designers. He’s been recognized as one of the leading influencers in the construction industry, and he's frequently asked to speak and share his strategies by groups such as the American Institute of Architects. He's the author of the book, Social Media for Architects, which has been downloaded over 10,000 times. Personally, he's famous for helping architecture firms stand out and gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market.
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