Connecting Luxury Hotel Design Leaders

2 weeks to go until EMEA’s leading five star hotel designers and suppliers meet for the first BOND Five Star forum in Venice, Italy.

BOND Five Star is the only one-to-one architecture and design forum to focus solely on high-end, luxury hotel projects.

It was created to give Heads of Design from EMEA’s leading five star hotel groups and A&D firms the most focussed learning experience possible. For 3 days, these world-renowned designers will be fully immersed in an intensive business program alongside senior experts from luxury product manufacturers who can help take their five star hotel projects to the next level.

For architects and designers:
The experience is not like a typical conference or trade show; everything is tailored to the needs of firm leaders. From the AIA accredited seminars, to the one-to-one meetings with solution experts and the dedicated networking time with peers, each program condenses a year’s worth of information into just three days, with only one day out of the office.

We are excited to be welcoming heads of design from global hotel brands such as Shangri-La, Jumeirah, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and world renowned hospitality design firms like Rockwell and Wilson Associates, plus the leading luxury manufacturers in the industry.

We hope our designers will discover the solutions they need to improve their designs in the most sustainable and profitable way, and satisfy customers ever increasing demands of their luxury experience.

For suppliers:
By day, suppliers have a series of one-on-one meetings with the architects and designers they choose to meet, to discuss their upcoming five star hotel projects. By night, everyone socialises over drinks, dinner and entertainment, all in the surrounds of the five star Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice, Italy. With VIP service from start to finish, it’s proven to be a foolproof formula for building game-changing business relationships that last.

The focus on luxury hotel design means that every conversation a manufacturer will have will be with a very senior architect or designer, responsible for significant five star projects – the people who will help their businesses prosper.

And the hope for both sides, is that by taking you out of the office and removing the distractions, you can relax and focus on making connections, because in our opinion, business is all about people and the relationships you build with them.

We thank everyone joining us for their support and look forward to meeting you soon.

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