Arc Latin America 2019

Latin America’s Leading Architects Forum

June 20-23, 2019

Panamá City, Panamá

Industry Leaders

Carolina Espitia

Director of Interior Design

Gustavo Perry Arquitectos

Jessica Díaz

Project Manager

V Architecture

Luiz Fernando Faraco

Technical Director

Gensler Brazil

Jorge Montenegro

Partner & Head of Project

Arquitectura y Diseño

MA Dolores Robles-Martínez


Legorreta + Legorreta

Maria del Rosario

Technical Team Leader

Mallol Arquitectos

Arq. Yves Besancon

Socio Principal


The Arc Latin America experience was very positive and a great opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with renowned professionals of the construction industry. Combined with the excellent coordination of the event, this makes a high quality forum.

Salvador Rivas

Founder & Director

s*arc: salvador rivas architects


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Seminar timings and/or content may be varied at our discretion.

Thursday, June 20

Delegate Arrivals

6:30 pm The Westin Theatre

Seminar - The Importance of Soft Data Gathering in the Design Process of Sustainable Urban Projects

Ricardo Arturo Fernández Gomez | Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works, Jalisco State Government (Mexico)

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In this seminar, I will describe a range of research tools (public life in public space studies, belonging and safety measurements, etc.) that can be used by architects and urban designers and can help the in the whole measure-conceive-design-build-measure cycle for sustainable projects where the relationship of social, environmental and economical aspects are determinant to the projects success. The projects that I will focus on are: Regeneration of Santiago River in Jalisco, Development of a Sustainable Urban and Mobility Planning for the City of León and Urban renewal strategies for abandoned housing in Mexico.


Ricardo Fernández (MSc., MArch.) is currently managing a new urban research department inside the Government of Jalisco, in Mexico, based in Guadalajara. He has been measuring public life in public spaces and developing decision-making tools in a broad spectrum of projects regarding river regeneration, urban transport in urban peripheries and sport/leisure dedicated areas in towns and cities. He has formerly worked as an advisor for the National Housing Trust in projects related to urban renewal of abandoned housing in Mexico. He has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank and the IADB in developing social housing strategies for large infrastructure projects in Mexico as well as sustainable transport studies. He has hosted seminars and discussion forums in UN-Habitat's World Urban Forum and Habitat III in Medellin and Quito, respectively, as well as in other international events in North America. He has been involved in mobility-related projects for the World Resources Institute in Mexico promoting the use of TOD in Mexico as well as in the development of other planning tool related to sustainable mobility. Ricardo holds a Masters in Architecture and New Urbanism as well as graduate studies in the fields of Mechanics and Mechatronics, related to complex systems and decision-making methodologies.
7:30 pm Westin Gardens & Plaza

Welcome Drinks Reception

8:00 pm Oceanica

Welcome Dinner

Friday, June 21

6:00 am

Breakfast at your leisure

8:15 am The Westin Theatre

Seminar - Global Knowledge & Local Practice - Reality and Routine of a Studio That is Part of an International Architecture Network

Fernando Vidal | Managing Director, Perkins+Will

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Since 2012, our studio located in São Paulo is part of one of the foremost architecture companies in the world. During this time, we faced several challenges in order to achieve the best model to our business. How we could manage this new scenario, considering the characteristics of the local market and our design expertise.


For more than 20 years at Perkins+Will and since 2001 as a partner, Fernando has been the managing director and leader of corporate projects for Latin America. He actively participates in corporate interiors projects, with a strong role in client’s needs understatement and in the development of creative and innovative solutions, focused on process quality and efficiency. During this period he has accumulated a great diversity of clients attended, from areas like law, advertising, financial institutions, industries among others, strengthening the experience in working with different expertises. He participates constantly in seminars, lectures and workshops, sharing his knowledge in the sector and helping in the advancement of research for improvements in workplaces. He is a member of the global management team of Perkins+Will and the company’s main strategic articulator in the region.

9:20 am Westin Grand Foyer

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9:30 am Westin Grand Ballroom

One to One Meetings

12:55 pm

Group Photograph

1:05 pm Oceanica


2:10 pm Westin Grand Ballroom

One to One Meetings

4:50 pm

Free Time

7:30 pm Panama Canal

Drinks Reception

8:00 pm Panama Canal


Saturday, June 22

6:00 am

Breakfast at your leisure

8:15 am Westin Theatre

Seminar - Bases for Risk Analysis and Management: Protect your Infrastructures!

Jaime Owens | Gerente de Protección y Vigilancia (e) Vicepresidencia de Ingeniería y Servicios, Canal de Panama

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No matter the name given to the department in charge of protection, the role is the same: to protect the organization from the negative impact produced by a series of specific circumstances known as protection risks. Risk analysis is a methodological process by which security professionals can quantitatively identify risks. The introduction of this risk analysis tool allows as to speak the same business language as those approving project funds, thus making us more professional and adding value to our companies. This basic proposal comprising 8 steps will render light on a methodology to apply countermeasures directly linked to risk management and aimed at accepting, transferring, removing, concentrating, distributing and/or reducing the risk. This is a vital tool for business security managers as well as for independent consultants, equipment distributors, architects and designers.


More information will be announced soon.
9:20 am Westin Grand Ballroom

One to One Meetings

12:45 pm Oceanica


1:45 pm Westin Theatre

Seminar - Design for Self-Organization: New Processes for Latin American Social Housing?

Michael McHaffy | President, Structura Naturalis

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It is increasingly recognized that informal settlements, for all their deep inadequacies in safety, sanitation and connectivity, do show remarkable characteristics of complex self-organization, leading to relatively high degrees of internal capacity-building, efficiency and creativity.  By comparison, many formally planned, “top-down” social housing projects show deeply disappointing performance on similar criteria.  What can we learn from the self-organizing processes that occur in the informal settlements, to apply to new, more successful design strategies?  How can we upgrade existing slum settlements for better connectivity, sanitation and safety, while supporting their more positive tendencies? Michael Mehaffy is a researcher and practitioner who will present case studies as well as tools and strategies.  A former colleague of the pioneering architect Christopher Alexander, Mehaffy will examine some of Alexander’s work as well, including social housing projects in Mexicali, Mexico and Lima, Peru.


Michael W. Mehaffy, Ph.D. is Senior Researcher at Ax:son Johnson Foundation and the Centre for the Future of Places at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.  He is also Executive Director of Sustasis Foundation, a small urban think tank based in Portland, Oregon. He is an internationally active author, educator, speaker, consultant, planner and designer, with work on leading projects in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia.  He has held teaching and/or research appointments in architecture, urban planning and philosophy at seven universities in six countries, and he is currently on the editorial boards of two internal journals of urban design. He has consulted to governments, NGOs, private companies, and most recently, UN-Habitat, on its formulation of the “New Urban Agenda,” a humanistic urbanization framework now adopted by consensus by 193 nations.  He is the author or contributing author of over 20 books, including Design for a Living Planet, and Cities Alive: Jane Jacobs, Christopher Alexander and the Roots of the New Urban Renaissance, and he is author of over 100 papers in professional and trade journals.  He received his Ph.D. in architecture from Delft University of Technology.

2:50 pm Westin Grand Ballroom

One to One Meetings

5:30 pm

Free Time

7:30 pm Seascape Foyer

Farewell Drinks Reception

8:00 pm Seascape Ballroom

Farewell Dinner

Sunday, June 23

6:00 am

Breakfast at your leisure

Delegate departures

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A great experience, both personal and professional. The opportunity to meet and share spaces with suppliers and colleagues is unique and helps build markets and strengthen relationships. Spectacular!

Andrea Sanchez

Co-Founder & Director