Arc Middle East 2019

The Leading Middle East Architects Forum

February 8-11, 2019

Oman, Sultanate of Oman


The below program is from 2019.

Seminar timings and/or content may be varied at our discretion.

Friday, February 8

12:00 pm

Delegate Arrivals

7:30 pm Main Beach

Welcome Drinks Reception

8:15 pm Main Beach

Welcome Dinner

Saturday, February 9

6:30 am Al Tanoor/Samba Restaurant

Breakfast at your leisure

8:40 am Theater

Seminar - Fire and Façades

Andy Dean | Head of Facades, WSP

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The presenter prefaces the session with a brief history of façade design over the last 2 decades and then proceeds to select a series of aspects peculiar to designing facades in the Middle East. Aspects covered will be the thermal environment, glass selection, opaque area treatment, roofing, fire, the design process and culture.

The intention is to provide the audience with a sense of ‘how it all works out here’ by picking out and highlighting idiosyncrasies of both interest and importance.

There will be a mixture of technical and procedural views, based on the presenter’s opinion and experience.


Andy has over 30 years of experience in the field of Building and Construction, ranging from structural testing within the nuclear industry to fire testing. Having established the Dubai Facade Technology Centre and Laboratory in 1997, and operated it for 10 years, he has particular knowledge of heavy structures testing and weather tightness testing of facades, curtain walling and building envelope systems; and business in the Middle East. Andy is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building, Fellow of the Society of Façade Engineers (CIBSE) and member of the Glass and Glazing Federation; holding committee positions in the local chapters of these organizations. As a façade consultant, he continues to provide input into the GCC codes and is a regular speaker at industry technical seminars across the region
9:40 am Ballroom A-C Foyer

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12:40 pm Ballroom A-C

One-to-One Meetings

12:40 pm

Group Photograph

12:50 pm Ballroom Terrace


1:40 pm Theater

Seminar - The Global Economy, The Middle East and Oil

Elliot Eisenberg | Presidente & Chief Economista, GraphsandLaughs, LLC

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Dr. Eisenberg will begin by quickly looking at current and future global economic condition with particular attention being paid to the primary consumers of energy including the USA, EU, China, Japan and India, their economic growth and their paths of monetary policy. Dr. Eisenberg will then look at global oil demand and supply over the next few years and in the process discuss the role of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), OPEC, marginal oil producers and what this all means for global oil prices. Elliot will close this talk by looking at the economy of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States with particular attention being paid to GDP growth, oil production and revenues, public finances and population growth.


Aclamado Experto en Economía y ex Economista Senior de la Asociación Nacional de Constructores de Vivienda en los Estados Unidos. Elliot Eisenberg. Ph.D. es un reconocido experto en economía internacional, a menudo llamado el "Stand-up Economista" y se especializa en la realización de los arcanos y los puntos característicos de la economía entretenida y relevante. Su experiencia es buscado por líderes de organizaciones del sector público y privado, gobiernos locales y estatales y los grupos asesores de inversiones por su valiosa información sobre la economía y su impacto en diversas industrias. Con un dedo en el pulso de las actuales tendencias y asuntos, sus presentaciones incluyen información y noticias económicas del día. Tiene un estilo único y cómico que hace ver la Economía entretenida y accesible a todas las audiencias.
2:45 pm Ballroom A-C

One-to-One Meetings

6:00 pm

Free Time

7:30 pm Turtle Beach

Drinks Reception

8:15 pm Turtle Beach


Sunday, February 10

6:30 am Al Tanoor/Samba Restaurant

Breakfast at your leisure

8:40 am Theater

Seminar - Delivering Sustainability in GCC and Bridging the Performance Gap

Dr. Ioannis Spanos | Regional Manager – Building Services, KEO International

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A variety of sustainability certification schemes are applicable in the region. Their fundamentals are examined to better understand their impacts. The benefits differ between available schemes.

In many cases, energy reduction was not the key factor for achieving certification. Water reduction played a more crucial role. Anecdotal information indicates that operational buildings are consume more energy and water resources than projected. The reasons behind such variations are examined.

Delivering a sustainable project can have a broader positive impact on socio-economic benefits.  Application of sustainability does not only provide something that can be labeled as “green”, it also provides a final product, of better quality and a higher value than the norm. Investment in sustainability can have a very short payback period.


Dr. Spanos is a Chartered Engineer with 18 years’ experience. As a KEO Regional Manager, he provides consultancy services to governments, investment funds, developers, architects and contractors. His management and consultancy experience include the development of sustainable buildings developments and urban solutions in UK, Ireland, West Africa and MENA. Following a Doctorate in physics, he has been exposed in the design of projects within commercial, education, mixed use, regeneration, residential, leisure and sports sectors. Spanos has been shortlisted for and has received various regional awards.

12:45 am Ballroom A-C

One-to-One Meetings

12:35 pm Ballroom Terrace


1:30 pm Theater

Seminar - The Office of the Future – a New Paradigm for Construction

Benjamin Piper | Partner & Design Principal, Killa Design

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This presentation explores the development of the world’s first fully functional and permanently occupied 3D-printed building. It gives brief overview of the history of 3D printing in construction and how it has the opportunity to reduce project costs in terms of transportation, labor and waste. The presentation describes the structural, functional and aesthetic aspects of the system and the realities of delivering a 3D-printed building project within the given constraints of time and budget. The presentation concludes by outlining future possibilities for 3D-printed concrete and construction techniques, and emphasizes that, regardless of the technology or the method of construction used, timeless design attributes (such as quality of light, space, proportion, views, privacy, and community) are still central to the enterprise.


Ben Piper is a Principal and Partner with Killa Design. He has held senior roles in a variety of global practices including Gensler, Halcrow, Atkins, Perkins+Will and currently Killa Design in designing hotel, residential and mixed-use developments throughout the world. Ben holds several technology patents from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and as a LEED Professional Ben is committed to sustainable design. He was highly commended as Middle East Architect of the Year and has won a variety of local and internalional awards for his architetcural design work.
2:30 pm Ballroom A-C

One-to-One Meetings

5:45 pm

Free Time

7:30 pm Heritage Village

Farewell Drinks

8:15 pm Heritage Village

Farewell Dinner

Monday, February 11

6:30 am Al Tanoor/Samba Restaurant

Breakfast at your leisure

Delegate Departures

Arc Middle East was fruitful, excellent, concise, productive, yielding positive results and further collaboration. After thorough and fruitful meetings, many are newly integrated in specs.

Hisham Dalleh

Architect-Senior Specification Writer

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