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1-on-1 with America's Top Luxury Residential Architects

October 24-27, 2024


1-on-1 Meetings and Networking with America’s Top Luxury Residential Architects.

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This October, America’s most in-demand luxury residential architects will head to BOND Custom.

These are the people behind the most spectacular high-end custom home projects that you’d love to be a part of with the power to influence who gets specified and who doesn’t.

If you believe your products deserve a place in the most prestigious luxury custom home projects, these are the people you need to convince and this is your chance to sit down, one-on-one with them and have the conversations you’ve been waiting for.

3 days and nights away from projects and the office gives you the time and space you need to get to know each other properly. And, in a business built on relationships, that’s where the magic happens.


Who Attends
America's top luxury residential architects. Guaranteed.

America’s most difficult-to-meet luxury residential architects are giving us 3 days of their time to come and connect with manufacturers who have suitably high-end products to show them and ultimately help them to deliver what their exacting clients want.

If luxury custom home projects are important to your business, these are the people you need in your life and you simply won’t get this level of access to them anywhere else.

To make this more real, you need to see who comes:

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BOND Custom regular attendees include:

Brian Pinkett


Landry Design

Bruce Nagel

Managing Partner & Founder

Bruce Nagel & Partners

Evelyn Jung

Principal CFO

Candelaria Design

Maiju Stansel


Stansel and Case

Bob White


Forest Studio

Brian Mac



James LaRue


LaRue Architecture Design

Damien Blumetti


Damien Blumetti Architects

BOND has done a masterful job of bringing us together to discuss innovative, cutting-edge materials and products in a comfortable environment.

Quncie Williams

Project Architect

Alexander Gorlin Architects

How it works
This is NOT a trade show

You know who’s going to be here before you arrive and you will have a guaranteed number of 1-to-1 meetings with the ‘buyers’ of your choice. And this is just the start:

You are all together for 3 days and 3 nights at a luxury resort, away from projects and offices, so there’s time and space to meet everybody and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Because there’s a real community feel here and everyone’s more relaxed and open and any number of conversations can light up the custom home project trail right in front of you – you’ll see!

> 18 pre-arranged 1:1 meetings
+ 72 hours of networking in a luxury resort
= a proven formula for success.



We will deliver America’s true luxury custom home project influencers with time and space to get to know each other properly.

You just need to show up!

Save your place

By the 3rd top-notch Architect we met on the 1st day we knew it was absolutely worth the investment! A BOND Event is not like a sales presentation. It is set up in a way that truly helps you develop a “BOND” with the Architects you meet.

John Finley

Regional Sales Manager

Caoba Doors


Seminar timings and/or content may be varied at our discretion.

Thursday, October 24

2:00 pm Departing from Hotel Lobby

Pre-Event Tour: To be Announced

6:30 pm Sunset Lawn

Welcome Drinks Reception

6:30 pm Sunset Lawn

Delegate Registration

7:00 pm Sunset Lawn

Welcome Dinner

7:30 pm Sunset Lawn

Welcome Speech by Oliver Needs, Owner

Friday, October 25

6:30 am Riviera Lawn 1


7:00 am In-App & in e-mail from Russell Ford

Final Meeting Schedule Released

8:20 am Monaco

Seminar - “Radical” Flexibility and Architectural Practice

Diana Nicklaus | President & CEO, SAAM Architecture

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Both during and after the pandemic, architects jumped on the task of assisting their clients in rethinking the physical and virtual work environments. But have these firms also adopted their own progressive approaches to how they work? With new modes of architectural practice available, some firms have evolved their practice model, others have reverted to traditional studio operations. This breadth of work modalities has disrupted the architectural labor market, shifted how we collaborate both internally and with clients, redefined staff expectations, and offered a variety of critiques on how we as architects work.

Hear from Diana Nicklaus, President & CEO of Saam Architecture on the successes and lessons learned of operating a hybrid firm since 2014.  Since its founding, Saam has offered its staff remote/hybrid work, “radical” flexibility, and unlimited vacation.  Initially an experimental way of practice, the Saam team has leveraged this culture and become a successful firm of 25 competing with some of Boston’s largest firms. 


In 2014, Diana co-founded Saam Architecture with the mission of delivering design excellence while providing a progressive HR model to attract top talent to an equitable environment. In doing so, Diana began an intentional experiment. She understood that a level playing field for all team members was essential to designing the firm she had envisioned throughout her career. After working in large firms for 15 years and experiencing the limitations of traditional practice, Diana reconciled her past experience and vision of supportive firm culture through a progressive practice model that empowers all team members to balance their work and life commitments.

Saam’s practice model quickly drew attention as an innovative, equitable, and new approach to practice. Audiences are both eager to learn more and often skeptical about how “radical” flexibility works without compromising design collaboration. Frequently asked questions inspired Diana to develop a shareable proof of concept intended to embolden others to become change agents. 

From conversations hosted by the Boston Society of Architecture to national conferences (#EQxDV Symposium; AIA Women’s Leadership Summit), multiple AIA components have engaged Diana to speak on practice, including her role nationally as an Advisory Board Member for the Center for Practice. Diana has shared Saam’s experiment, highlighting how this model has emerged as a practice that is 88% women and includes team members from 9 countries who speak 11 languages. Diana’s approach, rooted in supportive teams and radical flexibility, has overcome many of the industry career pinch points for staff — moments of inflection where many often leave the profession.

Diana holds a Art History from Tufts University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin.

9:30 am Riviera Ballroom

One to One Meetings

1:00 pm TBA

Group Photograph

1:10 pm Riviera Lawn 1


2:15 pm Monaco

Seminar - Visible Green: New Material Opportunities in Sustainable Design

Blaine Brownell | Professor and Director, UNC Charlotte School of Architecture

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Today, a global material revolution is in full swing, propelled by intensified material research and development efforts as well as an acute cultural interest in creative material expression. Given the critical role that the choice of building material plays in affecting the flows of resources, waste, and emissions, architects have realized the importance of developing more extensive material expertise. Yet the construction industry has, thus far, hesitated to take full advantage of the expressive potential of new green materials. This talk will consider innovative opportunities enabled by sustainable materials in architecture and strategic methods of pursuing new design strategies that are visibly green.


An architect and researcher of emergent materials and sustainable building technologies, Blaine Brownell, FAIA is a Professor and Director of the David R. Ravin School of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A former Fulbright scholar to Japan, he has authored nine books on advanced and sustainable materials for architecture and design, including Matter in the Floating World, Material Strategies, and the four-volume Transmaterial series. He writes the Mind & Matter column for Architect magazine, and his work has been published in over 70 architecture, design, science, and news journals, including Nature. His latest book, The Pandemic Effect, addresses the inoculation of the built environment.

3:20 pm Riviera Ballroom

One to One Meetings

7:00 pm Hotel Lobby

Meet for Transport to Offsite Restaurant

7:10 pm Hotel Lobby

Buses Depart for Dinner

7:30 pm Red ‘O: Taste of Mexico

Drinks & Dinner

Saturday, October 26

6:30 am To be Announced


8:20 am Monaco

Seminar - Layers of Light

David Warfel | Founding Designer, Light Can Help You

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After a long day at work, the human body and mind are ready for relaxation and rest.   Lighting during the evening and nighttime hours plays a critical role in fostering safety, security, and a sense of welcome to residential and hospitality projects.   Discover a new, client-friendly approach to illuminating interiors, learn what makes some light fixtures better tools, see why we are putting lighting in the wrong places, and explore the intersection of light, human wellbeing, and intelligent controls. Author, speaker, and innovative lighting designer David Warfel will take you on an engaging journey through everything that is wrong with lighting today and plot a course for a brighter future.


David Warfel is Midwestern farm boy turned lighting designer, author, and educator who passionately shares the gift of light. Whether blogging at, writing for Fine Homebuilding, Designing Lighting, Technology Designer, and or designing residential and entertainment experiences from coast to coast, David simply wants to help others live better lives through the scientific and artistic application of light.

From the local theatre to Carnegie Hall, from his parent’s kitchen to multi-million-dollar homes, from local pizza joints to the Las Vegas Strip, from school cafeterias to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line projects, David is endlessly fascinated by the power of light to reveal and transform space. David is founding designer of Light Can Help You.

9:05 am Riviera Ballroom

One to One Meetings

12:35 pm Riviera Lawn 1


1:40 pm Monaco

Speaker TBC

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More information will be announced soon.
2:45 pm Riviera Ballroom

One to One Meetings

6:00 pm VEA Newport Beach, A Marriott Resort & Spa

Free Time

7:00 pm Sunset Lawn

Farewell Drinks

7:30 pm Sunset Lawn

Farewell Dinner: A 70s Disco Dance Party!

Sunday, October 27

6:00 am Hotel Lobby

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