BOND Diseñotel 2023

The Forum for Latin America's Leading Hotel Designers

May 11-14, 2023

Cancun, Mexico

Latin America’s Top Hotel Designers with Confirmed Hospitality Projects

BOND Diseñotel brings Latin America’s top hospitality design firms and hotel designers together with suitably qualified vendors for 3 days and 3 nights. That means Latin America’s busiest, most difficult-to-meet hospitality project specifiers in one place, relaxed and ready to talk.

Let’s start with who comes.

Scroll down the page to get a snapshot of who was with us at the last event. Or you can get the full list of Latin America’s hotel designers who are confirmed so far this year here.

Around 50 of Latin America’s top hospitality design firms and hotel designers will be with us at Diseñotel next May. And if they don’t have confirmed hotel projects throughout Latin America, they don’t get invited.

Now take a moment to consider the time, effort and expense it would take to even try to get in front of this number and calibre of decision maker and you’ll start to appreciate what’s on offer here…


All attendees are pre-qualified to meet the highest standards in terms of their firm’s industry ranking, their seniority within the firm and the number/size of projects they are working on.

Previous attendees include:

Fabio Giovanni Grego

Director of Project Services

Hyatt Hotels

Karen Valle

Project Director

HKS Architects

María Laura Guevara

Studio Director


Javier Rojas-Rodriguez

Technical Services Director

Six Senses Hotel Resorts Spas

Greta Gonzalez

Regional Manager Architecture & Design

Intercontinental Hotel Group

Regina Segui

Director of Product and Supply

Atlantica Hoteles

Patti Seay

Director - Design

Hilton Worldwide

Hector Ibarra

Chief Procurement Officer

Grupo Posadas

How it Works

The BOND Diseñotel experience centres around a series of private, one-to-one meetings between Latin America’s hospitality design firms, hotel designers and vendors that each have selected before the event. And this is just the start: you are all together for 3 days and 3 nights, away from all the usual distractions of hotel projects and studio environments in a uniquely relaxed set up where you can properly get to know each other. And this is where the Latin American hospitality project trail really lights up. Because this is about relationships and connections and the collaborative possibilities that come from them.

Latin America’s busiest hotel designers are giving us 3 days of their time to come and meet solutions providers who can help them deliver something outstanding for their clients. And if you want to get a true understanding of the needs and aspirations of Latin America’s hotel project leaders and have some interesting solutions to discuss, you will not find a better platform.

If you haven’t attended a BOND event yet, we can forgive you for being a tiny bit cynical at this stage. Some testimonials might help. Or a video? Better still, have a conversation with us because it’s hard to make this real for you simply through words on our website. You might want to talk to some people who have already attended a BOND event to get things from their side and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

For suppliers, BOND Diseñotel is the best way, bar none, to win hearts and minds at Latin America’s leading hospitality design firms.

For Latin America’s hospitality designers, the value lies in re-connecting with peers and discovering the best solutions to your design challenges from the experts who will be your lifeline.

It’s where Latin American hotel projects find the people and the products they need to succeed.

A great opportunity to bring industry professionals together and connect new vendors with hoteliers.

Jamnary Moreno

Design Manager

Marriott International


Seminar timings and/or content may vary at our discretion.

Thursday, May 11

4:00 pm Gran del Prado Foyer

Delegate Registration

5:30 pm Dali

Seminar - LatAm 2023 – a strategic view of regional trends

John Price | Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence, LLC

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Rising interest rates, economic recession, and political populism are three important risks facing the construction sector in Latin America today and yet, several trends (nearshoring, strong export growth, and demographics) simultaneously favor the region.  Understanding these trends and predicting the future of Latin American markets is the challenge we have placed in the hands of John Price, a 30-year Latin American market specialist.



John Price is a veteran of Latin America market consulting and one of the leading public speakers and thought leaders in the region.  Whether addressing audiences in English or Spanish, John’s consulting and academic background delivers both a deep understanding of the trends impacting Latin American and Caribbean markets as well as rich anecdotal content built on over 4,000 client engagements in the region since 1993.

John has advised more than 30 of the world’s 100 largest companies on their business strategies and market intelligence needs in Latin America.  John’s consulting career began in Mexico where he founded InfoAmericas, becoming the largest independent market intelligence firm in Latin America.  The firm was sold in 2007 to Kroll, the world’s largest corporate investigations firm and John launched Kroll’s first market intelligence practice.  In 2011, John left Kroll and founded Americas Market Intelligence with offices in Miami, Mexico City, San Francisco and affiliate offices in Buenos Aires, Medellin, Sao Paulo, and Santiago.

John has published over 100 articles on Latin American business trends and maintains a column in the region’s largest circulated English language magazine, Latin Trade.  In 2007, John Price co-wrote and co-edited “Can Latin America Compete?”, which was published by Palgrave.  John teaches as an adjunct professor at Florida International University and a guest lecturer at the University of Miami. 

John is a former board member of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, a LatAm orphanage network and an active board member of the Canadian Council of the Americas. He is also a keen supporter of El Techo, an innovative charity that builds sturdy homes in Latin American slums.  John is a BComm graduate (1988) from Queen’s University in Canada.  He is fluent in English and Spanish and somewhat conversant in German, French and Portuguese. 


John Price es un veterano de la consultoría de mercado de América Latina y uno de los principales oradores públicos y líderes de opinión de la región. Ya sea que se dirija a audiencias en inglés o español, la experiencia académica y de consultoría de John brinda una comprensión profunda de las tendencias que afectan los mercados de América Latina y el Caribe, así como un rico contenido anecdótico basado en más de 4000 proyectos de consultoria en la región desde 1993.

John ha asesorado a más de 30 de las 100 empresas más grandes del mundo en sus estrategias comerciales y necesidades de inteligencia de mercado en América Latina. La carrera de consultoría de John comenzó en México, donde fundó InfoAmericas, convirtiéndose en la firma independiente de inteligencia de mercado más grande de América Latina. La firma se vendió en 2007 a Kroll, la firma de investigaciones corporativas más grande del mundo y John lanzó la primera práctica de inteligencia de mercado de Kroll. En 2011, John dejó Kroll y fundó Americas Market Intelligence con oficinas en Miami, Ciudad de México, San Francisco y oficinas afiliadas en Buenos Aires, Medellín, Sao Paulo y Santiago.

John ha publicado más de 100 artículos sobre tendencias comerciales en América Latina y mantiene una columna en la revista en inglés de mayor circulación en la región, Latin Trade. En 2007, John Price coescribió y coeditó “Can Latin America Compete?”, que fue publicado por Palgrave. John enseña como profesor adjunto en la Universidad Internacional de Florida y profesor invitado en la Universidad de Miami.

John es un ex miembro de la junta de Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, una red de orfanatos de América Latina y miembro activo de la junta del Consejo Canadiense de las Américas. También es un gran partidario de El Techo, una organización benéfica innovadora que construye casas sólidas en los barrios marginales de América Latina. John es un graduado de BComm (1988) de la Universidad de Queen en Canadá. Habla inglés y español con fluidez y algo versado en alemán, francés y portugués.

7:00 pm Lunchbox Pool Terrace

Welcome Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Lunchbox Pool Terrace

Welcome Dinner

Friday, May 12

7:00 am Malva

Breakfast at your leisure

7:00 am Email from Russell Ford

Final Meeting Schedule Emailed

8:20 am Dali & Goya

Seminar - Value through Emerging and Futuristic Technologies in Designing Smart Hospitality Environments

Dr. Raj Sachdev | Assistant Professor (PSU), Assistant Facilitator (Cornell University), PSU / Cornell University

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This session will cover key emerging and futuristic technologies that are changing the world. Participants will be exposed to some key applications of these technologies to “smart” hospitality environments. It will include what the future of smart hotels might look like and strategies that can be adopted. Related considerations in smart environments will also be considered. 


Dr. Raj Sachdev, MSc (Oxford), LLM, MBA, DBA, CIPP/US, PCM (Digital Marketing) is a marketing futurist focusing on emerging and futuristic technologies in smart environments. He is a strategic digital marketing consultant, an assistant facilitator at Cornell University, assistant professor of marketing at Plymouth State, researcher, and lawyer. A graduate of Oxford University, former visiting researcher at UC Berkeley and instructor at Stanford CSP and Oxford University, he has over 26 years of academic and industry experience. A Tedx and AMA keynote speaker, he has also guest spoken globally at major institutions and industry conferences & events. He is the forthcoming author of a textbook on Digital Marketing with McGraw Hill (2023).


El Dr.  Raj Sachdev, MSc (Oxford), LLM, MBA, DBA, CIPP/US, PCM (Mercadeo digital) es un futurista del mercadeo que se enfoca en tecnologías emergentes y futuristas en entornos inteligentes. Es consultor de mercadeo digital estratégico, facilitador asistente en la Universidad de Cornell, profesor asistente de mercadeo en el estado de Plymouth, iinvestigador y abogado. Graduado de la Universidad de Oxford, ex iinvestigador visitante en UC Berkeley e instructor en Stanford CSP y la Universidad de Oxford, tiene más de 26 años de experiencia académica y en la industria. Como orador principal de Tedx y AMA, también ha sido invitado a nivel mundial en las principales iinstituciones, conferencias y eventos de la industria. Es el próximo autor de un libro de texto sobre mercadeo digital con McGraw Hill (2023).

9:30 am Gran del Prado

One to One Meetings

1:00 pm TBC

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1:15 pm Agua Marina


2:25 pm Gran del Prado

One to One Meetings

5:40 pm

Free Time

7:00 pm Lunchbox Pool Terrace

Dinner & Drinks

Saturday, May 13

7:00 am Malva

Breakfast at your leisure

8:00 am Dali & Goya

Seminar - Building a Sustainable Future: Exploring the Importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Factors in Investment and Business Decision Making

Faith Taylor | VP, Global Sustainability Officer, Kyndryl

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In today’s world, the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are becoming increasingly important in our  businesses and it is controversial. This seminar is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of these factors, their significance in the current economic landscape, and how they can be incorporated into investment strategies and business models.

The seminar will begin by examining the fundamental principles of ESG, including their origins, definitions, and frameworks. It will explore how ESG factors are interconnected and how they impact businesses, society, and the environment. We will also delve into how to develop and integrate ESG into business models and explore real-world examples of ESG best practices.

The seminar will conclude with a discussion on how to measure the impact of ESG factors on investments and businesses, including the development of appropriate performance indicators and reporting standards.


Faith Taylor is the Global Sustainability Officer for Kyndryl an IT infrastructure Company with 240 data centers in 64 countries and 4,000 customers.  She is responsible for building and overseeing their sustainability programs to meet their goals and strategic priorities. In their first year, they announced their Net Zero to 2040 goal aligned with the Science Based Target Initiative.

Before joining Kyndryl, Faith was the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) leader for Tesla.  She worked with their board, senior leadership, and investors to develop their strategies and policies.

She was a professor at Montclair State University (MSU) teaching courses in corporate social responsibility, ESG, innovation, and sustainability.  At MSU, she was a founding member of their first global human trafficking center.

During her 15-year tenure at Wyndham Worldwide, she developed and built the company's Environmental Social Governance program from the ground up and it became the hospitality industry’s Dow Jones Sustainability World Leader, one of the Most Ethical Company in the World by Ethisphere and one of Newsweek’s Greenest Companies in the World.  Wyndham Worldwide, was in over 120 countries with 100,000 hotels, timeshares, and rental exchange units.  Earlier in her career, Faith served as an innovation and new business development leader as well as General Manager running global businesses generating over $600 million in revenues in the consumer-packaged goods cosmetic industry.

She is currently a Board of Director for CMC Energy Services.  A private company founded in 1977 and one of the largest woman run energy efficiency company in the U.S.  She is also the President of the Women’s New Jersey Performing Art Center board where they have raised over $53 million dollars for arts education and community development in the last 25 years.  In 2022, she was listed as one of the “Top 10 Global Hyperscale Data Centre Sustainability leaders” by Data Centre Magazine as well as one of the “Top 10 Women in Sustainability Leadership in the US” by Business Chief UK and the top 16 globally by Sustainability Magazine. She is a graduate of Stanford University and the Wharton School of Business.

9:05 am Gran del Prado

One to One Meetings

12:35 pm Agua Marina


1:40 pm Dali & Goya

Seminar - The transition of the Architect to the Metaverse

Mariana Cabugueira | Director of Meta-Architectural Design, Wilder World

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The Architect is and has always been responsible for Society, Culture and Space. When sociability, entertainment, dwelling is undoubtedly happening in its large majority in online spaces, and these online spaces are progressing fast from a flat 2d screen to an immersive tridimensionality space, the Architect – as the most knowledge in space design and dwelling – is the most valuable professional to take responsibility and create it.It is with no surprise that we reckon that our lives are organically sharing time and space between physical and digital Spaces. The social arena that had taken place in our cities before, designed by our ancestors’ urban architects, moved in its majority to a spaceless, odd in-between, 2-dimensional space online. These flat practices, that were only the responsibility of graphics designers, are now evolving to take shape in the tridimensionality wild web – the Web3. The Architect is called to design this Next Generation of Space, the next stratosphere of City, taking the experience of sociability, entertainment, and ecommerce from the 2d sphere of our screens to the immersive experience of our design and architecture knowledge in a 3d Space.Architects are well placed to step forward on the next phase of the web and shape the Future.


MARIANA CABUGUEIRA is a master Architect and Urban Designer from Portugal; former Senior Architect Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects; Design Tutor; Academic Speaker; currently Directing Wilder World Metaverse Future Era and running her own studio of Meta-Fluid Design with P.A. Academy.

Mariana Graduated from the School of Architecture in Lisbon and the Politecnico di Milano. She moved to London to complete a second Master of Architectural Design and technology, through the Postgrad course: Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association School of London.

Her research interests gravitate around Parametric Design; Generative Design; Digital Design and Robotic Fabrication in Architecture.

Mariana joined Zaha Hadid Architects after graduating from the AA School in 2017. She was part of the Competition cluster for 5 years and the designer of winning projects such as: Navi Mumbai Airport; Western Sydney Airport; Exhibition Centre Beijing; the competition and completion of Tower C in Shenzhen.

Currently Mariana is designing the metaverse with Wilder World. She holds the title of the Architect Director of the Meta Future Era.

MARIANA CABUGUEIRA es una maestra Arquitecta y Diseñadora Urbana de Portugal; ex arquitecta diseñadora sénior en Zaha Hadid Architects; Tutora de Diseño; Ponente Académico; actualmente dirige Wilder World Metaverse Future Era y dirige su propio estudio de Meta-Fluid Design con P.A. Academia.

Mariana es graduada de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Lisboa y del Politecnico di Milano. Se mudó a Londres para completar una segunda Maestría en Diseño Arquitectónico y tecnología, a través del curso de Posgrado: Laboratorio de Investigación de Diseño en la Architectural Association School of London.

Sus intereses de investigación gravitan en torno al Diseño Paramétrico; Diseño Generativo; Diseño Digital y Fabricación Robótica en Arquitectura.

Mariana se unió a Zaha Hadid Architects después de graduarse de la Escuela AA en 2017. Fue parte del grupo de Competencia durante 5 años y diseñadora de proyectos ganadores como: Navi Mumbai Airport; Aeropuerto de Sídney Occidental; Centro de Exposiciones de Pekín; el concurso y finalización de la Torre C en Shenzhen.

Actualmente Mariana está diseñando el metaverso con Wilder World. Tiene el título de Arquitecta Directora de Meta Future Era.

2:45 pm Gran del Prado

One to One Meetings

6:00 pm

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7:00 pm Lunchbox Pool Terrace

Farewell Dinner & Drinks

Sunday, May 14

7:00 am Malva

Breakfast at your leisure

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