Arc Interiors 2023

America's Top Interior Architecture Networking Event

September 21-24, 2023


America's Top Interior Architects and Commercial Designers. Guaranteed.

This September, the interior architects and commercial designers you’re chasing will be heading to Arc Interiors.

Whether it’s healthcare, hospitality, workplace, sports, education, public or government, Arc Interiors delivers the true project influencers.

Every single designer and architect you’ll meet has a portfolio of winnable commercial interior projects and the clout to influence who gets specified and who doesn’t.

This is your chance to sit down, one-on-one with the people you want to meet: all Principal-level interior designers, architects and specifiers from America’s Top 100 Interior Design Firms.

They are giving us 3 days of their time to come and meet manufacturers who can show them new, creative ways of delivering what their clients want. And this is where you come in…

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Who you'll meet

America’s Top Interior Architects and Commercial Designers.

North America’s most in-demand interior architects and commercial designers are giving us 3 days of their time this September.

If commercial interior projects are important to your business, these are the people you need in your life and you will struggle to meet them anywhere else.

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Arc Interiors regular attendees include:

Caitlin Turner

Senior Principal | Director of Design


Jill Wheeler

Regional Director of Interior Design

Ewing Cole

Nelson Algaze

CEO & Principal

Shlemmer Algaze Associates

Emily Mottolese

Managing Principal | Interiors Practice Leader


Amy Shavelson

Associate Principal | Workplace Leader

Perkins Eastman

John Naranjo

Associate Principal and Design Director


BOND has been one of the best kept secrets in Specification Sales for far too long! As a long time attendee and believer, it excites me to see the word really get out there and BOND claim it’s reign as the greatest ROI conference for Materials Manufacturers on the planet.

Eric Atkins

Director of Commercial Sales


1-to-1 Meetings and Networking with America's top Interior Architects & Commercial Designers

This is not a trade show.

You know exactly who’s going to be here and you will have a number of guaranteed, pre-scheduled 1-to-1 meetings with the ‘buyers’ of your choice. And this is just the start.

You are all together for 3 days and 3 nights at a luxury resort, so there’s time and space to meet everybody and it’s this abundance of natural networking that opens up a whole world of possibilities. Because there’s a real community feel here and everyone’s more relaxed and open and any number of conversations can light up the commercial interior project trail right in front of you – you’ll see!


> 18 pre-arranged 1:1 meetings
+ 72 hours of networking in a luxury resort
= a proven formula for success.



We will deliver North America’s true commercial interior project influencers with time and space to get to know each other properly. The rest, frankly, is up to you!

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BOND Events are a valuable resource for our projects nation-wide! I always find innovative products and meet talented professionals.

Jara Jones

Southeast Architecture Department Head

Jedson Engineering


Seminar timings and/or content may vary at our discretion.

Thursday, September 21

1:00 pm Meet in Lobby

Pre-Event Tour: The Alamo

4:00 pm Cibolo Foyer

Delegate Registration

6:00 pm Cibolo 8-9

Seminar - Public Health + Architectural Design = Value for All

Adele Houghton | President, Biositu, LLC

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Every building design and facility operations decision has a ripple effect on the surrounding neighborhood. It Design Decisions can changes the amount of vegetation available to reduce the urban heat island, mitigate flood risk, provide opportunities for physical activity, and promote mental health and wellbeing. They can changes the economic landscape in the neighborhood and can increase access to health-promoting services like medical care, fresh fruits and vegetables, and childcare. The question is, how do architects and their clients know what kinds of design attributes and programmatic elements will bring the greatest co-benefits to future occupants and the surrounding neighborhood? And, crucially, how can they convert that knowledge into actions that improve the project’s financial feasibility? This talk will answer those questions by introducing a novel approach to programming and design decisions that uses neighborhood scale data as the basis for a structured, community-centric engagement process. The result is an aligned vision for the proposed project across community groups, the property owner/developer, and the local government. A proof of concept study of this approach, funded by the AIA Upjohn Research Initiative, found that prioritizing the ways a design could advance neighborhood goals around climate change, community health, and social equity could generate new, tangible value for all three stakeholder groups.


Adele Houghton, FAIA, DrPH, LEED AP, is President of Biositu, LLC where she works at the intersection of green building, public health, and climate change. She is a member of the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows and received a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where she also teaches social entrepreneurship. Her book Architectural Epidemiology (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2024), co-authored with Professor Carlos Castillo-Salgado of Johns Hopkins University, proposes a novel method for architectural design: combining neighborhood-scale environmental health data with participatory community engagement to maximize a building’s positive ripple effect on community and planetary health.

7:00 pm Event Lawn 3

Welcome Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Event Lawn 3

Welcome Dinner

Friday, September 22

7:00 am Cibolo 7

Breakfast at your leisure

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8:30 am Cibolo 8-9

Seminar - The U.S. Economy: Cloudy Days with Sunny Periods

Elliot Eisenberg PhD | President & Chief Economist, GraphsandLaughs, LLC

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Attend this session to better understand where the economy is, the many pressures it faces, what may lay ahead, and most importantly why. To that end, the always-entertaining Bowtie Economist, Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., will discuss the latest statistics on a multitude of key topics such as: the likelihood, timing and magnitude of a possible recession, current economic conditions, including all important consumer spending, 70% of GDP. Eisenberg will then turn his attention to the health of the labor market, the path of inflation, current thinking at the Fed and the likely path of interest rates.  Along the way Elliot will carefully look at hotel occupancy rates, passport issuance, attendance at Las Vegas by both households and conventioneers, TSA traveler numbers, hotel construction activity, cruise ship occupancy, the latest on the work from home phenomenon, and more in an attempt to better understand the current condition of the lodging and tourism industry.  Be ready to take plenty of notes.  


Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed economist and public speaker specializing in making economics fun, relevant and educational.  Dr. Eisenberg earned a B.A. in economics with first class honors from McGill University in Montreal, as well as a Master and Ph.D. in public administration from Syracuse University.  Eisenberg is the Chief Economist for GraphsandLaughs, LLC, a Miami-based economic consultancy that serves a variety of clients across the United States.  He writes a syndicated column and authors a daily 70-word commentary on the economy that is available at

Dr. Eisenberg has spoken to hundreds of business groups and associations, serving as keynote speaker on topics including economic forecasts, economic impact of industries such as homebuilding, consequences of government regulation, and other current economic issues.  Dr. Eisenberg has been invited to testify before lawmakers and is often asked to comment on proposed legislation.  His research and opinions have been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Bureau of National Affairs, Forbes, Fortune, and many other publications.  He is a regularly featured guest on talk, and public radio.

Dr. Eisenberg was formerly a Senior Economist with the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C.  He is the creator of the multifamily stock index (the first nationally recognized index to track the total return of public firms principally involved in the ownership and management of apartments), the author of more than 100 articles, serves on the Expert Advisory Board of Mortgage Market Guide and is a regular consultant to several large real estate professional associations, financial institutions and investment advisory groups.

Elliot’s interests include walking at least five miles a day and reading as many newspapers as he can get his hands on. He loves ice hockey and talking economics with crowds large and small!

9:40 am Cibolo 5-6

One to One Meetings

12:35 pm TBD

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12:45 pm Event Lawn 3


1:50 pm Cibolo 5-6

One to One Meetings

5:40 pm

Free Time

6:00 pm Cibolo Foyer

Meet in Cibolo Foyer for Transport to Dinner

7:00 pm Acenar

Drinks Reception and Dinner

Saturday, September 23

7:00 am Cibolo 7

Breakfast at your leisure

8:00 am Cibolo 8-9

Seminar - WHAT if SCENT could change design?

Tracy Pepe | Managing Director, My Nose Initiative INC.

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From the recent events of mask wearing, germaphobia, the perceived safety with outside spaces and the increase of mental health aliments: the smell of a room is becoming the defining difference within design. This engaging presentation begins with the aromas of filth, clean, safety. This interactive presentation will engage your audience by allowing individuals to smell aromas by asking the question, what if scent was a tool that changed the perception of design?


Visionary Leader, master brander, problem solver, project manager, innovator and builder of community engagement. Passionate entrepreneur of 27 years, an industry leader who has been leading the Scent Branding category for over 30 years. As a perfumer to many brands, understanding the creative process is my passion however executing the vision is my gift.

9:05 am Cibolo 5-6

One to One Meetings

12:35 pm Event Lawn 3


1:40 pm Cibolo 8-9

Seminar - Achieve Your Ideal Performance State

Cesar Gamio | Director, Dharma Centre of Wellbeing

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Research shows that high performance under pressure does not come to down to merely cognitive capacity, material rewards, the right culture or management by objectives. A successful approach to sustainable performance and burnout prevention must consider the person as a whole. 

The key to enabling people to flourish under pressure lies in an integrated theory of performance management that addresses the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Each of these four levels profoundly influences the others, and failure to address any one of them can have detrimental consequences upon performance. 

The Achieve Your Ideal Performance State programme has been designed to provide knowledge, guidance and support to equip participants with the tools required to improve their self-management skills, to thereby improve their resilience and ability to deliver results under pressure.

By learning how to increase their human capacities at all levels, participants will bring their talents and skills to full fruition, allowing them to develop their ideal performance state. 


“Soon after earning his degree in International Business Management from universities in the United States and Japan, César led a successful career in two Fortune 500 companies in the technology & communications industry for 15 years, holding executive leadership positions in various regions across the world.

César is now an adjunct professor at IE Business School, a Corporate Wellness Specialist certified by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (U.S.A), and an Executive Life Coach accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Under the training and personal guidance of Dr Deepak Chopra, the global leading authority on mind-body medicine, César became a Senior Educator for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. He also serves as Senior Advisor to the London-based Global Centre for Conscious Leadership.

For the past decade, César has been providing workplace wellbeing and change management consultancy, facilitating workshops, webinars and coaching executives across multiple industries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and Latin America

César lives in England with his wife and two children.”

2:45 pm Cibolo 5-6

One to One Meetings

6:00 pm

Free Time

7:00 pm Event Lawn 3

Farewell Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Event Lawn 3

Farewell Dinner

Sunday, September 24

7:00 am Cibolo 7

Breakfast at your leisure

8:30 am

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An event worth attending, where my time was well spent networking, learning, and socializing with inspiring quality professionals in my industry.

Julia Ventura Crawford

Vice President, Interior Designer

Grimm + Parker Architects

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23808 Resort Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78261, USA

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