Arc Interiors

The Forum for America's leading Interior Architects

September 21-24, 2023


America’s Top Interior Architects and Design Firms, all with live Commercial Projects

Getting specified for high-end commercial projects is one of life’s little challenges and you definitely can’t get there alone. Vital connections need to be made along the way.

Arc Interiors brings America’s Top 100 Interior Design Firms together with suitably qualified vendors for 3 days and 3 nights. That’s America’s busiest, most senior and difficult-to-meet interior designers and specifiers in one place, relaxed and ready to talk. May we suggest that it’s got ‘vital connections’ written all over it…

To get a proper measure of this, you need to see who comes.

Scroll down the page for a snapshot of who was with us at the last Arc Interiors event. Better still, get the full confirmed attendee list so far for this year.

Around 65 of America’s top Interior Architects and Interior Designers will be with us in Florida this September and if they don’t have live, confirmed commercial interior projects, they don’t get invited.

Now consider the time, effort and expense it would take to even try to get in front of this number and calibre of decision maker and you’ll start to appreciate what’s on offer here.

These are the people who decide who gets specified for the largest commercial projects in America and beyond. If interior design projects are important to your business, these are the people you need in your life.


Brand new attendees include:

Caitlin Turner

Senior Principal | Director of Design


Jill Wheeler

Regional Director of Interior Design

Ewing Cole

Nelson Algaze

CEO & Principal

Shlemmer Algaze Associates

Emily Mottolese

Managing Principal | Interiors Practice Leader


Amy Shavelson

Associate Principal | Workplace Leader

Perkins Eastman

John Naranjo

Associate Principal and Design Director


How it Works

So, how does it work? Like all BOND events, this is about who comes and the quality of access you have to them.

The Arc Interiors experience centres around a series of private, one-to-one meetings between America’s top interior architects, interior designers and vendors that each have selected before the event. And this is just the start: you are all together for 3 days and 3 nights, away from the distractions of project and studio environments, in a uniquely relaxed set up where you can properly get to know each other. And this is where the interior project trail really lights up. Because this goes way beyond interior project leads – this is about relationships and connections and the very real collaborative possibilities that come from them.

America’s top A&D Firms have pretty hectic schedules so they come to Arc Interiors to get away from interior design project pressures to find inspiration and to connect with solutions providers who can help them deliver something outstanding for their clients. And if you want to get a true understanding of the needs and aspirations of America’s interior design project leaders and have some interesting solutions to discuss, you will not find a better platform.

Still a bit cynical? Some testimonials might help. Or a video? Better still, have a conversation with us because it’s hard to make this real for you simply through words on our website. It’s a good idea to talk to some people who have already attended a BOND event to get things from their side and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

For suppliers, Arc Interiors is the best way, bar none, to win hearts and minds at America’s leading A&D firms.

For Interior Architects and Interior Designers, the value lies in re-connecting with peers and discovering the best solutions to your design challenges from the experts who will be your lifeline.

Great meetings but, most importantly, great vibes and connections. Arc Interiors is the perfect occasion to lay the foundations for long-lasting relationships, that would be profitable for mutual business.

Alessandro Lanè

Architectural Consultant

Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche


PLEASE NOTE: This is the 2021 program.  Check back soon for the 2023 schedule. 

Seminar timings and/or content may vary at our discretion

4:00 pm Royal Palm Foyer

Delegate Registration

6:00 pm Orchid Ballroom

Seminar - Lead as a Creative - Manage as a CEO

Ian Jarvis

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The architecture / interior design industry is a web of small businesses run by extremely creative people many of whom never planned to lead a staff of 10- 50 or more. There is often a reluctance to risk the creative signature on the alter of a more powerful managing structure. In that vacuum however, viscosity and crisis can become the new normal, actually reducing creativity and creating a significant drag on margin and market penetration too. The problem is made more complex because generally, your clients have little experience and unrealistic expectations. Additionally the supplier base too, is largely run by people who got there via the excellence of their craft rather than business acumen. Ian Jarvis, a globally trained consultant, wants to illuminate the solutions that can both nourish creativity while instilling success, efficiency and high focus for you as well as for your team of intense and ambitious folks The takeaway will be, Management’s Ten Commandments; The Starting Point For Change.


Ian Jarvis is a proven executive; a results-oriented leader who sets goals, creates focus and drives performance. Bi-lingual and with an extensive track record throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia, Ian has a unique ability to solve problems at hi-speed and manage complex relationships near or far. Ian began his career in Paris, then moved to NYC to launch a French firm, Saint Gobain, in the highly competitive, US fragrance market. His success in New York, led to multiple offers and he ultimately transitioned to an entrepreneurial partnership in Los Angeles with heavy manufacturing responsibilities in the Pac Rim.  After selling his last firm to French multinational Pechiney, Ian turned down offers to helm several companies, electing instead to create a consulting career. Ian works with executives in industries as varied as media, law, design, automotive and mobile. Ian’s experience, from start up to global, gives him a profound perspective on the real issues we all face in driving success and satisfaction in our work and those who work for us. His focus is in depth understanding of real time company dynamics, lifting the scrim on theory, reality and old habits and bringing his clients career changing insight in their workplace and themselves. 
7:00 pm

Welcome Drinks Reception

7:30 pm

Welcome Dinner

6:30 am

Breakfast at your leisure

8:30 am Orchid Ballroom

Seminar - Your Firm & Feng Shui

Barbara Harwell | Feng Shui Master, Emotion, Body & Light Code Practitioner, Barbara Harwell International Consultancy

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Good Design = Good Feng Shui!

This seminar will provide Architects and Designers with a basic understanding of how good Feng Shui is always good Design. Using real world examples good Design that is not supported by good Feng Shui principles will be examined.

The mysteries and principles of this ancient practice will be explained so that Architects and Designers understand the practical application of classical Feng Shui their planning and design process to provide tangible results. Participants will understand that the application of authentic Feng Shui can ensure their projects achieve higher levels of success for everyone.

Architects and Designers will gain insights into the advantages of collaboration with an experienced Feng Shui Master. They will discover ways to ensure a project’s long-term success by combining good Design and auspicious Feng Shui in its design, documentation and construction. 

Participants will learn: 

• How humans interact with and respond to their environmental context for use in Programming and Analysis to the project’s advantage.

• How building site  orientation and overall design geometry can affect the Planning and Design of a project to improve the success and well-being of the people inhabiting the project.

• How materials, shapes and colors influence the success and well-being of both the project and its inhabitants.

Participants will observe a practical demonstration of applying Feng Shui principles to program and analyze their personal office space to enhance their business success. 

Regardless of project type, scale or cost, each participant will walk away with practical knowledge of Feng Shui principles that can expand their skills of programming, analysis, planning, design, documentation and construction to higher levels of professional success and greater client satisfaction.


Barbara Harwell is the President and founder of Barbara Harwell International Consultancy, a global firm that specializes in fully integrated energy and neuroscientific solutions for residential and commercial projects of all types and sizes. She is a Feng Shui Master, Licensed REALTOR®, Emotion Code Practitioner, Law of Attraction Mentor, Consultant, Teacher, Metaphysician, Speaker and Author. Known as the Real Estate Feng Shui Master, she studied with world-renown Grandmaster Lillian Too, the most prolific Feng Shui author (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). She is part of the 400-year Wu Chang Pai lineage of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai through her teacher Master Denise Liotta Dennis. Barbara is also a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) and past IFSG President of the Phoenix Chapter. She is a Master Instructor for the American College of Classical Feng Shui (ACCFS). Barbara uses all her life wisdom and knowledge to bring comprehensive experience to her clients. They often say they can feel the ‘magic’ as soon as she steps through the door. Her lifetime experiences and education make her a living treasure and gifted healer. 
9:40 am Royal Palm Ballroom

One to One Meetings

12:35 pm

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12:45 pm Sunset Veranda


1:50 pm Royal Palm Ballroom

One to One Meetings

5:40 pm

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6:30 am

Breakfast at your leisure

8:00 am Orchid Ballroom

Seminar - Working in the Belly of the Beast

Chauncey Jones | Director Design and Construction, Verizon

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This session will develop and understanding of the internal discussions regarding the design of your corporate clients.

9:05 am Royal Palm Ballroom

One to One Meetings

12:35 pm Sunset Veranda


1:40 pm Orchid Ballroom

Seminar - Be Creative. Be Brave

David Kepron | Founder – Owner, NXTLVL Experience Design

David Kepron
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How do we stay on pace with the speed of change? Can we actually get out in front of our guests changing desires? How can design serve as a long-range strategy for growth? And, what might be the best balance of being mindful and present while vision casting the future of brand experience design business?

This session will look at the ‘power of design’ and the evolving role of the designer in the making of relevant experiences in a digitally enabled marketplace. It will ask attendees to consider their own level of adaptability in the context of a dynamic design culture where adoption of a ‘growth vs. fixed mindset’ will determine success. Our adaptability may be our saving grace as we try to remain sure footed in shifting sands.

There has been a long-held assumption that the digital world would result in stores closing as customers’ preferences shift to on-line purchases. Some have suggested that ‘virtual travel’ may become more compelling than the hassle of getting to one’s favorite vacation destination. Though the .com world has put pressure on traditional retailers to align with new shopping paradigms, and hoteliers to ‘up their game’ the end of stores has not actually come to pass and people still go away on vacation.

Equally, there is an often-cited critique of digital experiences as diminishing deep connections to other people and disconnecting us from true embodied interactions with brands in relevant places made for engagement. This too is being challenged by a wave of immersive digitally enabled experiences that are transforming data into transformative physical places that are able, despite being digitally created, to connect on a profoundly physical level with captivating sensory experiences. This session will also look at how ‘digitecture’ and other digitally immersive experiences can connect at a deeply sensory level and promote brand adoption.

The true test will not be in how we muddle through the mundane, but in how we navigate the unknown of the in-between, the uncharted and mysterious, where wonder replaces fear and a passion for discovery propels us forward without the certainty of knowing the destination.

Change is not for the faint of heart. It asks of us to ‘Be Creative. Be Brave.’


David Kepron is a multifaceted creative professional with a compulsive curiosity to understand ‘why’, ‘what’s now’ and ‘what’s next’. He brings together his background as an architect, artist, educator, author, podcast host and builder to the making of meaningful and empathically focused customer connections at brand experience places around the globe. David is a former VP - Global Design Strategies at Marriott International. While at Marriott, his focus was on the creation of compelling customer experiences within Marriott’s “Premium Distinctive” segment which included: Westin, Renaissance, Le Meridien, Autograph Collection, Tribute Portfolio, Design Hotels and Gaylord hotels. In 2020 Kepron founded NXTLVL Experience Design, a strategy and design consultancy, where he combines his multidisciplinary approach to the creation of relevant brand engagements with his passion for social and cultural anthropology, neuroscience and emerging digital technologies. As a frequently requested international speaker at corporate events and international conferences focusing on CX, digital transformation, retail, hospitality, emerging technology, David shares his expertise on subjects ranging from consumer behaviors and trends, brain science and buying behavior, store design and visual merchandising, hotel design and strategy as well as creativity and innovation. In his talks, David shares visionary ideas on how brand strategy, brain science and emerging technologies are changing guest expectations about relationships they want to have with brands and how companies can remain relevant in a digitally enabled marketplace. David currently brings his creativity and insight on brand experiences to an international audience as a member of VMSD magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board, as a Board Member of the Interactive Customer Experience Association (ICXA) and Sign Research Foundation’s (SRF) Program Committee. In 2014 Kepron published his first book titled: “Retail (r)Evolution: Why Creating Right-Brain Stores Will Shape the Future of Shopping in a Digitally Driven World” and he is currently working on his second book to be published soon. David also writes a popular blog called “Brain Food” which is published monthly on In September of 2020, he launched a new podcast called “NXTLVL Experience Design” which brings listeners daring and different dialogues about “DATA: Design, Architecture, Technology and the Arts.” His guests include thought leaders who are driven by a passion to create the ‘New Possible’ and promote new paradigms of experiences into the mainstream.
2:45 pm Royal Palm Ballroom

One to One Meetings

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7:00 pm Mangrove Pool

Farewell Drinks Reception

7:30 pm Mangrove Pool

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An event worth attending, where my time was well spent networking, learning, and socializing with inspiring quality professionals in my industry.

Julia Ventura Crawford

Vice President, Interior Designer

Grimm + Parker Architects

West Coast venue to be announced


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