BOND Custom 2023

1-on-1 With America's Top Luxury Residential Architects

October 19-22, 2023


1-on-1 Meetings and Networking with America’s Top Luxury Residential Architects. Guaranteed.

This October, America’s most in-demand luxury residential architects will head to BOND Custom.

These are the people behind the most spectacular high-end custom home projects that you’d love to be a part of with the power to influence who gets specified and who doesn’t.

If you believe your products deserve a place in the best luxury residential projects, these are the people you need to convince and this is your chance to sit down, one-on-one with them and have the conversations you’ve been waiting for.

3 days and nights away from projects and the office gives you the time and space you need to get to know each other properly. And, in a business built on relationships, that’s where the magic happens.

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Who you’ll meet

America’s Top Luxury Residential Architects

America’s most sought after high-end custom home architects are giving us 3 days of their time to come and connect with manufacturers who have suitably high-end products to show them and ultimately help them to deliver what their exacting clients want.

If luxury residential projects are important to your business, these are the people you need in your life and you simply won’t get this level of access to them anywhere else.

To make this more real, you need to see who comes:

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BOND Custom regular attendees include:

Elizabeth Starr

Managing Director & Partner


Eric Pettit

Co-Founder/Senior Associate

OpenSpace Architecture

David Pascu


Abramson Architects

Daryl Nourse


Reid Smith Architects

Rafael Amuchástegui


RAD Architecture

Victor Salas

Vice President

Richard Manion Architecture

Mike Wetzel



The best run architect-vendor event I’ve attended. Significantly more useful than conventional trade shows.

Brian J. Connolly


Zivkovic Connolly Architects

How it Works

This is not a trade show.

You know who’s going to be here before you arrive and you will have a guaranteed number of 1-to-1 meetings with the ‘buyers’ of your choice. And this is just the start:

You are all together for 3 days and 3 nights at a luxury resort, away from projects and offices, so there’s time and space to meet everybody and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Because there’s a real community feel here and everyone’s more relaxed and open and any number of conversations can light up the luxury custom home project trail right in front of you – you’ll see!

> 18 pre-arranged 1:1 meetings
+ 72 hours of networking in a luxury resort
= a proven formula for success.




We will deliver America’s true luxury residential project influencers with time and space to get to know each other properly.

You just need to show up!

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BOND Custom lets you get to know suppliers on a more personal level. They end up being some of the first people you consider when specifying products and the friendships are a real incentive in working with the suppliers on projects in the future.

Erin Fearins

Interior Design, Partner



Seminar timings and/or content may be varied at our discretion.

Thursday, October 19

2:00 pm Hotel Lobby

Pre-Event Tour: Sweetwater Adventures Boat Tour

4:00 pm Estero Ballroom Foyer

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6:00 pm Estero Ballroom A

Seminar - BOOMERANG BRANDS Keep customers coming back—again and again.

Jennifer Holland | Certified Brand Strategist, Business Growth Consultant, Speaker, Holland People+Brands

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Boomerang Brands have earned that name because they have a remarkable reputation for not only taking care of their employees, but also for having exceptional employees who take care of their customers. This creates a loyal customer base that continues to give the business a greater share of wallet with ease.

The joy of throwing a boomerang is that it comes back to you with little effort. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if business were that easy? What if first-time customers consistently turned into lifetime customers?

Throwing a boomerang looks easy, but it is harder than it seems. Learning to throw it properly may take time, and it surely requires practice. Plus, only a few may admit to enjoying running after the boomerang that didn’t come back. So, the effort it takes to experience the real joy of throwing the boomerang takes time and dedication.

Similarly, to actively manage a successful, engaging customer experience requires a dedicated employee- driven initiative. Otherwise, it’s business as usual with a hit or miss return on loyal customers.

During this highly interactive and hands-on presentation, Brand Specialist Jennifer Holland takes participants through brand-building best practices that start with articulating a clear and compelling “why” of the business. This “why” statement becomes the vital emotional drawstring of a brand; this singular, purpose- driven statement is a key element for attracting top talent who will thrive and stay. Small group discussions include ways to build a high-performance culture while hardwiring brand promise delivery through employee-customer interactions—an integral step in creating a Boomerang Brand.

Participants will learn how to accelerate brand loyal customers through their most vital customer touchpoint—their employees. The benefits of not having to spend the extra time, effort and resources attracting new customers include:

• Lower cost of customer acquisition

• Advertising dollars decrease while word of mouth increases

• Profitability improves

The prerequisites for building a Boomerang Brand is an inside-out approach that begins with a clear and compelling “why” statement and employee engagement. The positive results of this approach include:

• The best employees want to work for you

• Employees are passionate about delivering on your brand promise

• Loyal customers believe in your purpose or “why”


Jennifer Holland, founder of Holland People+Brands and one of only a handful of Certified Brand Strategists in the United States, has earned a reputation as a trusted consultant in the brand development space for her creative expression, strategic thinking and brilliantly executed growth strategies. For more than three decades, she has shown businesses and entrepreneurs in a range of industries how to bring their company and personal brands to life.

Her open-minded and intentional approach helps organizations uncover their competitive distinction, communicate that distinction to the marketplace with innovative messaging and deliver a consistent brand promise through their people. Jennifer’s approach to brand development and engagement is like no other—and she knows how to position a business as the same.

Jennifer’s consultancy is the only agency combining brand, business and people strategies in a proven holistic process called the Holland HELIX®. She also developed the highly sought after Build Your Brand Workshop® curriculum, which is licensed in six markets across the United States and Canada. Her methodologies ensure a remarkable 360 transformation for business—better marketing results, increased profitability and sales, a more inspired work culture and greater engagement across the board. What’s more, Jennifer is an internationally published author, professional-level member of the National Speaker’s Association and Expert Resource Speaker for Vistage International.

Currently, Jennifer is serving as the Vice President and President-elect for the Jacksonville Women’s Network, an organization supporting the professional and personal advancement of women. She has been recognized as a Women in Business Established Entrepreneur of the Year and as a Women of Influence by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Most recently, she was featured in Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur magazines.

7:00 pm Royal Palm Courtyard

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7:30 pm Royal Palm Courtyard

Welcome Dinner

Friday, October 20

6:30 am Bistro on Belvedere

Breakfast at your leisure

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8:30 am Estero Ballroom A

Seminar - Designing & Building Sustainable, High Performance, Custom Homes

Peter YostBuilding-Wright

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Lofty terms—sustainable and high performance. First thing we have to do is define those terms and then translate them into buildings that we, our planet, and our clients value. I am lucky—I get to look at buildings and how they work from just one perspective: building science. You, on the other hand, as architects, have at least a dozen lenses through which you must peer to turn buildings into homes for your clients.

I am suggesting that building science—integrating efficiency, air quality, comfort, durability, resilience—is a lens that will deliver greater value, less risk, and greater peace of mind for you and your clients, and the communities in which you live and work. They will be homes beautiful in form AND function…

We are asking a lot more of our buildings and homes than we did just 20 years ago. Only fair that we ask more of ourselves as well.

I am looking forward to offering you my perspective on designing and building these superior homes and hearing from you on how that fits with your work.


Peter Yost is the sole proprietor of Building-Wright. He has been building, researching, teaching, writing, and consulting on high performance buildings for more than 30 years. His expertise ranges from construction waste management and advanced framing to energy efficiency and building durability. Peter’s roles in our industry include Technical Director for, Lecturer for Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Instructor for Boston Architectural College, Adjunct Faculty with University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s Building Construction and Technology program, and Faculty for Keene State College’s Architecture program.

Peter’s work includes building investigations, materials research, spec-design review for builders and architects, building science curriculum development and teaching. Peter has a certificate for building enclosure commissioning from the University of Wisconsin – Madison College of Engineering. He routinely consults on building projects across the US.

Peter is one of the three highly irreverent members of the UnBuild It podcast. He lives in Durham NH trying hard but largely unsuccessful at retiring...

9:40 am Estero Ballroom B-C

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12:35 pm TBD

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Saturday, October 21

6:30 am Bistro on Belvedere

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8:00 am Estero Ballroom A

Seminar - AI-dvantageous Solutions: Automate and Optimize Your Business with AI

Beth Ziesenis | Author. Speaker. Nerd., Your Nerdy Best Friend

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Since her first Motorola RAZR flip phone, Beth has made a verb out of the word "nerd." She's here to help you filter through thousands of apps, gadgets, widgets and doodads to find the perfect free and bargain technology tools for work and home. Although the only real trophy she ever won was for making perfect French fries at McDonald's in high school, Beth Z has been featured on Best Speaker lists by several organizations who write best speaker lists. She has written a whole shelf of books on apps and has spoken to more than 100 thousand audience members just like you. And if you're puzzling over why she goes by "Beth Z"... it's because she only finds about three people a year who can pronounce her last name.

9:05 am Estero Ballroom B-C

One to One Meetings

12:35 pm Estero Terrace


1:40 pm Estero A

Seminar - The U.S. Economy: Cloudy Days with Sunny Periods

Elliot Eisenberg PhD | President & Chief Economist, GraphsandLaughs, LLC

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Attend this session to better understand where the economy is, the many pressures it faces, what may lay ahead, and most importantly why. To that end, the always-entertaining Bowtie Economist, Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., will discuss the latest statistics on a multitude of key topics such as: the likelihood, timing and magnitude of a possible recession, current economic conditions, including all important consumer spending, 70% of GDP. Eisenberg will then turn his attention to the health of the labor market, the path of inflation, current thinking at the Fed and the likely path of interest rates.  Along the way Elliot will carefully look at hotel occupancy rates, passport issuance, attendance at Las Vegas by both households and conventioneers, TSA traveler numbers, hotel construction activity, cruise ship occupancy, the latest on the work from home phenomenon, and more in an attempt to better understand the current condition of the lodging and tourism industry.  Be ready to take plenty of notes.  


Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed economist and public speaker specializing in making economics fun, relevant and educational.  Dr. Eisenberg earned a B.A. in economics with first class honors from McGill University in Montreal, as well as a Master and Ph.D. in public administration from Syracuse University.  Eisenberg is the Chief Economist for GraphsandLaughs, LLC, a Miami-based economic consultancy that serves a variety of clients across the United States.  He writes a syndicated column and authors a daily 70-word commentary on the economy that is available at

Dr. Eisenberg has spoken to hundreds of business groups and associations, serving as keynote speaker on topics including economic forecasts, economic impact of industries such as homebuilding, consequences of government regulation, and other current economic issues.  Dr. Eisenberg has been invited to testify before lawmakers and is often asked to comment on proposed legislation.  His research and opinions have been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Bureau of National Affairs, Forbes, Fortune, and many other publications.  He is a regularly featured guest on talk, and public radio.

Dr. Eisenberg was formerly a Senior Economist with the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C.  He is the creator of the multifamily stock index (the first nationally recognized index to track the total return of public firms principally involved in the ownership and management of apartments), the author of more than 100 articles, serves on the Expert Advisory Board of Mortgage Market Guide and is a regular consultant to several large real estate professional associations, financial institutions and investment advisory groups.

Elliot’s interests include walking at least five miles a day and reading as many newspapers as he can get his hands on. He loves ice hockey and talking economics with crowds large and small!

2:45 pm

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7:00 pm Cypress Courtyard

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Sunday, October 22

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