BOND Diseñotel 2024

1-on-1 with Latin America's Top Hotel Designers

June 20-23, 2024

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

1-on-1 meetings and networking with Latin America's Top Hotel Designers

Once a year, Latin America’s busiest and best hotel designers leave their hospitality projects and offices behind for a few days and head to BOND Diseñotel.

These are the people behind the hotel projects you’d love to be a part of with the power to influence who gets specified and who doesn’t.

To get a proper handle on this, you need to see who’s coming:

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Who Attends
Latin America's Top Hotel Designers

Latin America’s most in-demand hotel designers are giving us 3 days of their time to come and meet manufacturers who have interesting things to show them and who can help them deliver what their clients want.

This is your chance to sit down, one-on-one with the hotel designers behind Latin America’s biggest and best hospitality projects.

3 whole days and nights away from project deadlines and office distractions means time and space get to know each other properly. And that’s where the best business happens. Always.

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Diseñotel regular attendees include:

Carlos Ponce de Leon

Founder / Principal

Ponce de Leon Architects

Michell Vargas

Founder / Ceo


Jacobo Zyman


Zyman & Zyman

Fernanda Bertolini

Senior Director

Marriot International

Hector de la Peña

Director / Principal


Ave Bradley

VP of Design & Creative

IHG InterContinental

Anne Lefferson

Director of Interior Design


Rafael Amuchástegui


RAD Architecture

How it works
This is NOT a trade show

You know exactly who’s going to be here and you will have a number of guaranteed, pre-scheduled 1-to-1 meetings with the ‘buyers’ of your choice. And this is just the start.

You are all together for 3 days and 3 nights at a luxury resort, so there’s time and space to meet everybody and it’s this abundance of natural networking that opens up a whole world of possibilities. Because there’s a real community feel here and everyone’s more relaxed and open and any number of conversations can light up the Latin American hotel project trail right in front of you – you’ll see!


We will deliver Latin America’s true hotel project influencers with time and space to get to know each other properly.

You just need to get here.

Save your place

Big shoutout to BOND Events for organizing an outstanding event. The opportunity to meet with suppliers and explore innovative products and solutions was truly invaluable. Looking forward to future collaborations and enriching experiences.

Andres Osorio

Design Director

OBM International - Hospitality


Seminar timings and/or content may vary at our discretion.

Thursday, June 20

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Welcome Speech by Oliver Needs, Owner

Friday, June 21

7:00 am The Lunch Box


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8:20 am Mallorca

Seminar - Shifting the Hospitality Design Sector Towards Sustainability: The Responsibility of Architects and Designers

Paula Badilla Arroyo | Regional Design Resilience Leader, Gensler

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, architects and designers wield significant influence in shaping the built environment. It is our responsibility, as professionals in the field, to drive the hospitality design sector towards a sustainable mindset. This presentation not only emphasizes the need for sustainability at multiple scales within hospitality design but also underscores the pivotal role architects and designers play in effecting this transformation.

This presentation is an urgent call to action for architects and designers in the hospitality design sector. Our role is not merely to create aesthetically pleasing spaces but to ensure they are environmentally responsible and sustainable. The presentation will focus in the insights into how to assume responsibility for the sector’s transformation towards sustainability. The holistic approach, global experience, and dedication to education are key to transform the sector.


I consider myself a passionate advocate for sustainability. My education as an architect, graduating from the University of Costa Rica with a focus on sustainable solutions, has been enriched by my current role as a regional leader in resilient and sustainable design at Gensler Latin America. Additionally, I serve as the leader of the climate action and sustainability practice area at Gensler, where I work on implementing solutions that address climate challenges and foster positive change.

My strong academic foundation includes pursuing a Master's in Tropical Architecture, as well as a Master's in Business Management and Environmental Technology. Furthermore, I gained specialized experience in urban environments during my time in the Netherlands. This experience has broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding of how to create sustainable urban environments that meet contemporary challenges.

Through my collaborative work with the Tropical Architecture Laboratory at the University of Costa Rica, I have conducted in-depth research on topics such as bioclimatic design, carbon footprint in construction, and energy efficiency.

My approach spans various aspects, from the planning to the execution of sustainable projects, while also not forgetting my commitment as an educator. I find satisfaction in sharing my experience and nurturing the next generation of conscious professionals.

9:30 am Bavaro VIII

One to One Meetings

12:55 pm TBC

Group Photograph

1:00 pm The Lunch Box


2:00 pm Mallorca

Seminar - Construction 4.0: New Technologies and Methodologies that are Revolutionizing the Industry

Carolina Briones Lazo | Executive Director, CTeC

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The AEC industry is of great socioeconomic importance in Latin America, with a contribution to regional GDP close to 6%, equivalent to USD 300,000 million, and generates around 20 million jobs. However, for more than three decades its productivity has stagnated compared to other productive sectors in the region. The lack of efficiency of the projects and the low quality of the works generates excessive cost overruns in the construction and operation phases and have a negative impact on many other economic sectors.

Technological adoption is key to achieving greater productivity in the construction sector. The consulting firm McKinsey suggests that productivity gains through the implementation of innovative work methodologies such as BIM, together with the integration of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Off Site Construction, could have an impact of 15% on productivity and a reduction in costs in projects of 6%.

Construction 4.0 is one of the terms that has been coined to signify the impact of digitization, industrialization and sustainability on the development of the built environment. Its scope is still in the process of evolving, but it is already possible to see how the region has begun to integrate prefabrication, off site construction and is experimenting with technologies such as 3D printing, AI, robots and drones, which are contributing to replacing tasks and allow teams to focus on adding value to high-level tasks.

An important step in the process of adoption the change is the development of exemplary pilot projects that allow the implementation and adaptation of new methods, collecting lessons learned and KPIs. Therefore, it is relevant to know those emblematic cases and initiatives that are being carried out in latam, not only by companies, but also those related to public policies to encourage and accelerate technological adoption.


Carolina Briones Lazo is an architect with more than fifteen years of experience in the creation, development and leadership of projects, both in the public and private spheres, related to building, technology, innovation, sustainability, prototyping and skills training. He has worked professionally in France, England and Chile. She is currently the executive director (CEO) of the Construction’s Technological Innovation Center (CTEC) of Chile, which seeks to promote sustainability, off site construction and Digital Transformation in the AEC industry, accompanying companies and institutions in that transition.

She is an architect from the University of Chile, with studies at L'Ecole d'Architecture du Bordeaux in France and a master's degree from University College London and another from University of Westminster, both in United Kingdom. He has developed an academic career giving seminars, workshops and classes in graduate and undergraduate programs at various universities.

Arquitecta con más de quince años de experiencia en la creación, desarrollo y liderazgo de proyectos, tanto del ámbito público como privado, relacionados con edificación, tecnología, innovación, sustentabilidad, prototipaje y formación de competencias. Se ha desempeñado profesionalmente en Francia, Inglaterra y Chile. Actualmente, es directora ejecutiva del Centro Tecnológico para la Innovación en la Construcción (CTEC) de Chile, que busca promover la sustentabilidad, industrialización y transformación digital en la industria de la construcción, acompañando a las empresas e instituciones en esa transición.

Es arquitecta de la Universidad de Chile, con estudios en L’Ecole d’Architecture du Bordeaux en Francia y magíster en University College London y otro en University of Westminster, ambos en Reino Unido. Ha desarrollado una carrera académica dictando seminarios, workshops y clases en programas de postgrado y pregrado en diversas universidades.

3:05 pm Bavaro VIII

One to One Meetings

5:45 pm Paradisus Palma Real

Free Time or Informal Networking at Ginger Signature Bar

7:30 pm Kanna Beach


8:00 pm Kanna Beach


Saturday, June 22

7:00 am The Lunch Box


8:20 am Mallorca

Seminar - Revitalizing Hospitality: Navigating Latin America's Hotel Landscape Post-Pandemic – Unveiling Trends, Triumphs, and Transformations

Patricia Boo | Area Director - LATAM, STR Global

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STR will travel the Latin America region, analyzing hotel performance, today’s recovery post pandemic, and what are the hotel industry drivers and challenges.

What’s the new normal and how some classes have emerged stronger than others. The new luxury linked to new travel expectations and how that translate in new destinations and projects.

What’s on the pipeline from Mexico to Central & South America.


Patricia Boo, Director Regional de Centro y Sudamerica, está basada en Colombia y es responsable de la expansión de STR en América Latina. Patricia inició su carrera en la industria hotelera, trabajando en el área de operaciones de hoteles de Madrid y Londres, hasta incorporarse al equipo de STR en 2008. Patricia participa y presenta con frecuencia en conferencias internacionales y regionales.

Patricia esta graduada en Turismo por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y posee un certificado de Cornell en Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional y un Global Executive MBA en IE.

Patricia Boo, Area Director for Central & South America, is based in Colombia and is responsible for the organization’s expansion throughout Latin America. Patricia spent her career in the hotel industry at property level, between Madrid and London, until she joined STR in 2008. Patricia often attends and presents at industry conferences and client meetings. She holds a degree in Tourism and a Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional Certificate by Cornell University and a Global Executive MBA at IE.

Patricia Boo, diretora regional, está baseada na Colombia e é responsável pela expansão da STR na América Latina. Patricia iniciou sua carreira na indústria hoteleira passando por hotéis em Madri e Londres, até fazer parte da equipe STR em 2008. Patricia frequentemente participa de conferências internacionais e reuniões com clientes. Patricia lecionou cursos na área de Revenue Management no departamento benchmarking da Rey Juan Carlos University em Madrid (Espanha).Patricia é graduada em Turismo pela Universidad Complutense de Madrid e posee um certificado da Cornell em Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional, e uma Global Executive MBA no IE.

9:25 am Bavaro VIII

One to One Meetings

12:50 pm The Lunch Box


1:50 pm Mallorca

Seminar - Elevating Latin American and Caribbean Culture: Art Curation in Hotel Design

David Guerra | Art curator and Professor, MARCA RIBE

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This lecture explores the role of contemporary art in hotel design within Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasizing the importance of reflecting authentic cultural values while transcending the stereotypes perpetuated by Western tastemakers and media. We delve into the complex relationship between tourism and the Latin American and Caribbean art ecosystems, examining the challenges and opportunities that arise. By drawing from real-world case studies and expert insights, this presentation provides practical recommendations for hotel designers, ensuring that the incorporation of art not only honors but also elevates Latin American and Caribbean culture, fostering a more genuine and enriching experience for guests.


David Guerra is an independent curator, art dealer, and professor originally from Havana, Cuba, and currently based in both Boston, Massachusetts, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is the founder of MARCA RIBE, a dynamic platform dedicated to amplifying the creative voices of the Caribbean and fostering art curating and collecting within the region. He has advised both private and corporate collections, including projects with Facebook and Google in Boston. His passion for innovation in the arts has driven him to collaborate on numerous festivals and exhibitions, first in Boston and now in the artistic landscape of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Currently, David imparts his expertise through seminars on Art Curating, Contemporary Art in the Caribbean, and Art, Law, and Business at the University of Puerto Rico.

2:55 pm Bavaro VIII

One to One Meetings

5:35 pm Paradisus Palma Real

Free Time or Informal Networking at Ginger Signature Bar

7:30 pm Colonial Plaza

Farewell Drinks

8:00 pm Colonial Plaza

Farewell Dinner

Sunday, June 23

7:00 am The Lunch Box


8:00 am

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A great experience, both personal and professional. The opportunity to meet and share spaces with suppliers and colleagues is unique and helps build markets and strengthen relationships. Spectacular!

Andrea Sanchez

Co-Founder & Director


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