Supplier Review: LP Building Products Considers BOND Custom

AEC Sales Group, a part of LP Corporation, attended BOND Custom and, following another successful event, reviewed its time at the North American forum that brings together the leading Custom home architects and designers with suppliers of specialist products.

Tony Jenkins, Architectural Sales Manager within the AEC Sales Group representing LP FlameBlock and LP SmartSide, attended with the intention of meeting Custom home Architects and came way with significantly more:

“My objectives were to understand more of who the ‘Custom Home’ architect is and what problems they are looking for solutions for” he said. “In this venue, I am able to get a decision maker (principal or specifier) who can tell me right away if there is a fit. It’s a time-saver and there is no way I or my company could see this diverse a group in two days. Every meeting was productive.”

One of the fundamental benefits of a BOND Event is that meetings are preselected. Both parties get to choose with whom they meet and, as a consequence, the output is far better than, delegates suggest, trade shows and even Lunch & Learns.

“I think this event lived up to all BOND Events’ expectations. BOND brought the right professionals together, planned some opportunities beyond the one on ones to get people to interact and if you as an attendee are ‘interactive’ you should get more out of this than just a few one-on-one meetings.”

Jenkins, like many attendees, recognises the core belief that BOND Events maintains: business happens because of people and better business is a result of a better, personable connection. BOND Custom featured plenty of social time – drinks receptions, free time, even meal times are a chance to carry on the meeting or, more likely, put work away and compare team results. He continued:

“BOND does a great job of putting all attendees into a social environment that allows them to interact personally and have the opportunity to make relationships that move beyond the surface of business as usual.”

Such is the benefit of BOND Custom; its unique mix of business, pleasure and a great environment has resulted in over 80% of Suppliers stating that the expect at least 25% of their meetings to result in new business. This makes attending a BOND Event an easy decision! Jenkins concludes: “I would like for LP Building Products to stay involved with BOND and I am working internally to make sure that happens.”