The BOND GOLD Awards!

BOND Marks 20th anniversary with 'badge of honour' for its most loyal customers

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2004 was a big year. After much searching, Nemo was finally found safe and well, MySpace was the first social media entity to top 1 million users, the iPod mini was on everyone’s wish list and I think I was the only one not slipping on a pair of Ugg boots to take out the trash. And, in the midst of it all, BOND was born.

20 years on, much has changed, yet much remains the same. BOND continues to set the standard for bringing the project people together to talk business and whatever else might find its way into the conversation...

And so, after hundreds of events around the world, countless conversations and an unfathomable amount of real, meaningful business done through BOND, we wanted to do just a little something to mark our 20th anniversary and to honour our most loyal and loved clients.

Bond Events at the Marriot - 4.14.23-92

The BOND GOLD Award is born

It was decided that something should be made in metal that could be worn at our events - a badge of honour, if you like, for those who have attended no less than 10 BOND events. And, that Roman Tavast, legendary London goldsmiths would make it for us. And, who better to design it than the most creative, design-savvy people we know – our wonderful attendees themselves.

So, we ran a competition amongst our followers to design our anniversary lapel pin and the BOND GOLD Award was born!

The brief contained words that are at the heart of the BOND ethos: relationships, connection, shared purpose, innovation. Something clean, modern and professional. Perhaps some architectural elements? A subtle BOND logo somewhere within the design? Or something different altogether! Encouraged to run with it, you did not let us down. In a matter of a few days, we had more than 40 designs and a tough decision to make for there could only be one winner.

And the winner is…

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.09.50

Our winning entry (above) is from Franklite, who celebrated their own 50th anniversary last year. In fact, here is an image of Mark Lissauer himself, just a few years ago at the very spot where Franklite were building their Wolverton premises in 1978!

Mark Lissauer 1978 Franklite Wolverhampton

How perfectly fitting that the same young lad would grow up to be the highly professional Export Director for his family business that he witnessed being formed in the dust of his home turf.

So, congratulations, Mark! We are delighted that the winning design came from such a loyal supporter of our events and we know that you’ll wear your own self-designed lapel pin with suitable pride.

And a huge thank you and kudos to all of you who made time to get your heads down and design something for us that made the competition such a fascinating and tough one to judge! Check out the shortlist below.

This anniversary means a lot to us and we couldn’t be happier with such an emblem, designed by someone who knows us as a company and as people and who has managed to capture what BOND is all about.

The Shortlist...

1 & 2. Rebel Design+Group

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.05.44
Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.06.07

3. Flannery Trim

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.06.54

5. Christopher Hyde

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.07.25

6. B.J. Alexander

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.07.46

7 & 8. PBK

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.08.01
Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.08.19

9. Chapman Design Services

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.08.34

10. FabriTRAK Systems Inc

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.09.18

11. Studio GIGA-ARCH

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.09.38

12. Franklite

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.09.50

14. Snowsound

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.10.42

BOND GOLD Award First Receivers

b'Gold article (1)'

The first BOND GOLD Awards were presented at this year’s BOND Multi a couple of weeks ago to the following people:

  1. Nick Scheib, ALUCOBOND
  2. Francois Dutil, Bailey Metal Products Ltd
  3. Dean Hacker, Hacker Industries
  4. Dean E Moilanen, Noble Company
  5. Morgan Sadler, Pliteq
  6. Doug Richards, GBBN Architects
  7. James West, GFF Design
  8. Herman Lopez, Siplast
  9. Jeff Foster, GGLO
  10. Richard Kniss, NSPJ Architects
  11. Christina Szejk, Perkins Eastman
  12. Eric Atkins, EVA LAST
  13. Steve Nederhoed, Advanced Architectural Products
  14. Tom Brosnan, Advanced Architectural Products
  15. Linda Kozloski, Weldon Development Group
  16. Irena Savakova, Leo A Daly
  17. Ian Daniels, ProWood LLC
  18. Todd Lankenau, Collaborative Design Studio

Before we get carried away with the emotion of the whole thing, we’ll hand over to our delegates and what some had to say on social media around the awards and associated 20th anniversary:

So very honored and proud to receive the BOND GOLD AWARD this evening.

Tonight, I had the privilege of receiving what I consider a truly top honor in my professional career—the BOND EVENTS GOLD Award, commemorating my 10-year journey as a dedicated supporter and member of the BOND legacy. Being part of this exclusive circle of supplier supporters and Architectural leaders has been instrumental in shaping my success as a leader in the architectural specification community. It’s not just about recognition, it’s about galvanizing my place in a coveted community of the very best individuals in my professional, global community.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to receive numerous accolades and honors, but nothing compares to the recognition from team BOND this evening. The relationships, connections, partnerships, and knowledge I've gained through BOND's exclusive events have been transformative, propelling me and all my teams throughout the years far forward beyond what I ever expected in my industry. If you know me professionally you know about BOND and my advocacy for its massive impact on my success in gaining influence and meaningful relationships in my discipline.

BOND Events stands apart as an organization that masterfully brings together the most influential minds in the architectural community. The experiences and relationships cultivated through Bond Events extend far beyond immediate ROI—they are the foundation of my professional growth and achievements.

The BOND events are truly world-class, meticulously curated to foster meaningful interactions and collaborations at the executive level. It's no surprise that the BOND GOLD Award itself reflects this commitment to excellence, designed by a fellow supplier and handcrafted by the esteemed Roman Tavast Ltd, a renowned goldsmith from England. This attention to detail epitomizes the ethos of BOND Events and its elite team, who consistently demonstrate leadership in everything they do.

Receiving the BOND GOLD Award is not just an acknowledgment of my tenure; it's a testament to the enduring value of genuine connections and shared experiences in our industry. I am deeply honored and inspired to continue contributing to and learning from the exceptional BOND community.

Here's to celebrating the pinnacle of achievement and looking forward to many more enriching experiences with BOND Events!

A sincere thank you to Oliver NeedsAlice RussellEdward OrangeLuciana Coates (née Osborne)Chris Pond, RK, Paola Durán, and the entire BOND team for this great honor.

Congratulations on 20 years of excellence and the wonderful legacy you've allowed me to be a part of over all these many years. My honor and pride tonight are forever in your debt!

Eric Atkins, Architectural Sales Leader, CSI.

BOND Event Marriott Myrtle Beach 12Apr24-119

BOND Events your team make it easy. When you go above and beyond to make sure that we are able to engage with decision makers in a meaningful and positive way. I appreciate the kindness of your team and continued support to this critical vertical.

Sam S.Sam S. Business Development Manager @ TownSteel, Inc. | SAMA, Six Sigma I US Army Veteran

Our Urban Surfaces sales rep Micheal Caldwell, shines at BOND Events cultivating genuine connections with architects and designers. Congratulations to BOND on 20 years of fostering connections!

Busy days during the BOND Events in Myrtle Beach - South Carolina! Enjoying having some of the most knowledgeable architects from North America on one spot. It is just an incredible event which BOND put over the years ! Congratulations for 20 years of service !

Marco Dexler, North America Export Manager, Unilux

Sometimes you show up to industry events as strangers, and come away with some really great friends and partners. It’s been an amazing weekend at BONDMulti 

Taking part in this very informative 3 day event. Meeting the key decision makers for the Developers and Architects that shape the #MultiFamily construction sector.

Daniel Fisher, Sales Director, Performance Technologies-Aftermarket Coatings

BOND Event Marriott Myrtle Beach 12Apr24-148

Heading back from BOND Multi in Myrtle Beach. I had such a great experience being among amazing architects, designers and suppliers in our industry. The seminars were educational with topics such as Affordable Housing and Acoustics/Sound Transfer to name a few. Thank you to the BOND team for inviting me to this networking event. I have met so many wonderful people, and congratulations on your 20 year anniversary!

Maryanne Hibner, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Hibner Design Group and No. 15 Studio

Here’s to another 20? We will continue to deliver on our promises, one event at a time. And, if that sees us in good shape, if a little rounder and greyer, for 2044, we look forward to celebrating with you then! Meanwhile, see you at the next one!

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