Architect Review: The Value of BOND Custom



We asked Partner and Lead Designer at Fearins Welch Interior Designs, Erin Fearins, to consider her experience of BOND Custom and give us feedback, warts and all.

Name: Erin Fearins
Position: Partner
Company: FearinsWelch Interior Design

“I truly enjoyed the format of the one to one meetings and feel that I made some real connections with suppliers that I will be calling on for future projects. The seminars were also helpful and interesting. We’re all so bogged down with daily business that it’s actually quite refreshing to remove ourselves from the office and to truly focus on these other aspects of our design lives.”

BOND Custom is an event that is focused on exclusive, high-end custom home design and development, and sees Principal Architects from across North America meet with product owners that represent great innovations that are ideally suited to use in these prestigious homes. One to one meetings form a significant part of the event and offer delegates time to build relationships that are constructive. Fearins said of these meetings:

“This experience really makes me want to branch out and look into different suppliers that I might not have considered in the past. I feel that I learned that if you really take a considered look at various lines you’ll find something that might apply to a job you are working on. It gives you more time to actually get to know the suppliers as people rather than just as product reps. I was actually surprised to find that almost every supplier I met had something that I feel I could specify. I am so appreciative that I was set up with the specific suppliers that I met with.”

BOND Events works hard to invite attendees that have something to offer. Principal Architects and Heads of Design are all working on large, exclusive or very notable projects, while product suppliers introduce new and innovative solutions. In addition to the meetings, BOND Custom features AIA approved seminars that generate CEU for attendees. Fearins continued:

“I was very pleased with all of the seminars. The billing and proposal focused seminar would be the only one that I wish we could have dug a bit deeper into. That’s such a hot topic among our industry and I feel that the information that was discussed was fairly basic. All of the other seminars were really wonderful though.”

BOND Events are not about selling, nor about products, they are about relationships, separating a BOND Event from a tradeshow or a Lunch and Learn. Fearins recognised this as a strength:

“I got to know not only several suppliers, but many architects and designers while I was there. It was truly a great format to get to know people in a much more personal way. I feel that I made some great friends while I was there.”

The team behind BOND Custom prides itself on delivering an outstanding event every time. In summarising her experience, Fearins reflected on the quality of the event and what she has taken away:

“Everything was very well managed, from beginning to end. I had no issues with logistics and everyone with BOND was so kind. I wanted to have the opportunity to meet suppliers that I had never heard of. I feel that I met my objectives and really came away with many great contacts that I feel I will call on in the future.”

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