BOND’s social responsibility programme is launched

rise-logoDaniela Gusman Portrait

BOND Events has formalised its social responsibility programme through the launch of rise, to be headed by Daniela Gusman.

rise stands for Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise and is set up as a not-for-profit organisation that will serve some of the most challenged communities. Based on the BOND ethos that good business happens because of effective relationships but on a mixture of professional understanding, mutual gain and a little bit of social fun, rise will be bringing the right people together to transform communities through the development of sustainable skills, the sharing of knowledge and collaboration that result in practical building solutions.

The giving started four years ago when BOND Events; president, Oliver Needs, heard the efforts of one lady in Lesotho. From her home she looked after an increasing quantity of orphans, left so because of the national struggle against AIDS and began to feed, clothe and educate them. God’s Love Centre was born and has continued to grow from very humble routes. Touched by her heart, Oliver sent funds over that have contributed towards the creation of a kitchen, a bathroom, a school room and have allowed the children to farm chickens for eggs that can be sold.

Aware of what else needs to be done, rise has been introduced to continue the development of God’s Love Centre so that children no longer have to share mattresses in one room; the first project will deliver a building designed, built and, in the long term, maintained by the local community, with the sharing of expertise that might not otherwise be accessible on such projects. After this project, rise will continue to bring transformation to developing countries where the needs have been identified.

Of the programme BOND’s president said “Having seen the difference that our giving has made, including sending ten of this youngsters to school, I know that so much more can be done by pulling together the fantastic brains that we work with. BOND Events are about people with a firm focus on business relationships. rise is also about people – but about those of us that can doing the right thing and sharing what we have with those that through no fault of their own face challenges beyond our experiences.

“Having worked closely with Daniela, I know her heart and capabilities and am excited about the projects that she will be delivering.”

rise, BOND Events’ social responsibility programme, is registered in Florida.