Hotel design EMEA: your project community awaits

Getting specified for hotel projects in EMEA is a process. It takes time. And it all starts with a conversation...

Supplier meeting EMEA’s top luxury hotel designer

With a decent product under your arm and a team behind you who will help you deliver on your promises, you are in great shape to have some conversations. Because that’s where it starts. And if those conversations are with the right people – the ones with the real influence over who gets specified and who doesn’t, the whole process starts to pick up a more interesting pace and direction. And what if you could have 20, 30, 40, 50 plus of those conversations over a few days? Well, that’s when things reach a whole new level of interesting, surprisingly quickly.

Here's how BOND Five Star EMEA can help you take your hotel project business in Europe, the Middle East and beyond to the next level.

Let’s get one thing straight first: BOND Five Star EMEA is not a hotel design trade show. It’s what we call a business meetings forum and BOND Events are the true pioneers of the one-to-one business meetings forum in the architecture and design world. You can read all about the differences between hotel design trade shows and forums here. For now, let’s just say at BOND Five Star EMEA you know exactly who’s going to be there, you decide who you want to meet before you arrive and you can talk to everyone else while you’re here. And those conversations are likely to be some of the most meaningful you’ll have all year.


Want to see who actually comes? You can request attendee lists for all our events here. EMEA’s busiest luxury hotel project leaders are confirming their attendance at Five Star EMEA daily. But what makes BOND unique is how we select those ‘buyers’ and it goes right to our core values: we will only invite the most senior decision makers from EMEA’s best hospitality design firms and every single one of them must evidence a portfolio of live, confirmed luxury hotel projects throughout the EMEA region, or they don’t make the cut.

So, we have EMEA’s true hotel design leaders in one place for you. This is a strong start. But there’s more. Because when you get them away from the ever-present pressures of projects and the office, something quite magical happens. Everyone starts to relax. To open up a bit. And whether it’s in a scheduled one-on-one meeting or at lunch, dinner or over a beer later, the conversations start to flow. And connections and introductions are made and the sales pitch gets left behind as you find yourself getting to know the people behind the projects. And this is the game-changer. Because any one of those conversations can help get you and your products to front of mind come specification time.


It starts with a chance introduction. And as you find your flow, the rapport builds naturally. And that essential feeling called trust starts to build as you get the chance to show the people who matter who you are and how helpful you can be in their world of hotel project challenges. And before you know it, you’re making plans to get together after the event.


And after just 3 days in this company, you will leave with a warm glow inside as you head home, still buzzing as you re-live some of those conversations that could only have happened after spending some quality time at the very heart of EMEA’s luxury hotel project community.


Are you ready to come and have some conversations?


For more info. on who you can meet at BOND Five Star EMEA and what you could achieve, just ask Charlie: