BOND Multi 2023 Review

BOND Multi 2023 took place on April 13-16, 2023 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, CA, USA. If you weren’t there, you missed the only 3 days of the year when the people behind North America’s biggest and most interesting multifamily residential projects down tools and leave their projects to spend some rare quality time with each other and to nurture and extend their network of trusted solutions experts.

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America's multifamily project community

Bond Events at the Marriot - 4.14.23-52

This review is an attempt to convey what happens when you bring multifamily's most talented, experienced, curious, hard-working, well-connected and sometimes mischievous professionals together for a few days to form the heart of North America’s multifamily project community.

The format is simple and proven: A meetings room buzzing with conversation as a select group of manufacturers get to savour some 1-on-1 time with North America’s most prolific multifamily architects, designers and developers. These are the true project leaders and influencers who you want fighting your corner come specification time, so there are some nerves in the air, especially from first timers. And that’s when the first surprise hits: the people they’re talking to are more relaxed here. Away from their offices and projects where everybody wants a piece of them, these super-busy project leaders are enjoying a nice sit down where the phone’s not ringing and they can properly focus on the people sitting in front of them. And nerves soon melt away and sales pitches get left behind as the energy changes and everyone starts to settle in and find their flow.

Bond Events at the Marriot - 4.14.23-98

Supplier Feedback

Here’s a montage of thoughts and words from some of the suppliers who were there:

Eric A
Sam Sutherland, TownSteel Solutions Group
Jill Heidorf, TERM Barriers

Multifamily architects with confirmed multifamily projects

BOND events are different from the others because of how we select our ‘buyers’. Every single Architect, Designer and Developer is pre-qualified as a bona-fide, top-level decision maker with a portfolio of confirmed large-scale multifamily residential projects throughout North America. 2 days and 3 evenings in this company opens up a world of possibilities and can take your multifamily project business to a whole new level.

Trade shows have their place but for attending manufacturers, this is an entirely different proposition: you know exactly who’s going to be here before the event happens and you choose who you want to meet so every conversation here has true potential for meaningful business in the short or long term.

BOND Multi gives you unrivaled access to the most influential decision makers at the nation’s leading multifamily A&D firms. What happens from there, frankly, is up to you!

Bond Events at the Marriot - 4.14.23-36

Designer feedback


America’s most in-demand multifamily architects simply don’t have time to get out there to discover what’s new in the world of building and interior products. And this is a big part of why BOND attracts the number and quality of multifamily architects that it uniquely does: These super-busy project leaders savour this unique chance to re-connect with each other and to find the inspiration and support they need for their latest multifamily project challenges from you, the experts. Throw in the AIA-approved seminars and that tantalising element of discovery in the networking and you have months’ worth of inspiration and learning in just 3 days.

Here's what some of them had to say:

Liz Peterson, Associate Principal

Well organized, great industry access and very friendly environment

Managing Principal, HOK Architects, Canada

This was my first BOND Multi event and I had an incredible time. I did not anticipate leaving the event as inspired as I did! The suppliers and their products were directly applicable to the work that our firm is doing, and the one to one meeting format was the perfect way to facilitate meaningful dialogue. Thank you so much for the invitation!!

Katee Chard, Carrier Johnson +CULTURE, Senior Associate

Once again, you exceeded my expectations. You made the maximum use of my time in a relaxed atmosphere enabling me to meet many new colleagues. Kudos to your entire team!

Todd Lankenau Managing Partner Collaborative Design Studio

Registration is open for 2024!


BOND Multi sold out in 2023, but we’ll be back again on April 11-14, 2024, venue to be announced soon.

To attend, you purchase a meetings package which covers absolutely everything including your accommodation, airport transfers, all meals and social events and your directory of contacts to keep. You just need to book your place and we will take care of everything else.

And remember, this isn’t a trade show so there’s no need to build a booth or ship the heavy stuff. You just need to turn up with your laptop/tablet, some portable samples and, most importantly, a genuine interest in the person sitting opposite you.

Prices are based on the number of guaranteed, 30-minute business meetings you’d like to have. BUT remember, you are all under one roof for the duration of the event, so, if you work hard, you can meet everyone else too. And the team are on hand to help with any introductions as required.

This is your chance to come and spend some quality time with North America’s most difficult-to-meet multifamily project leaders on neutral ground, away from all the usual distractions. If multifamily projects are important to your business, these are the people you need in your life and you simply won’t meet them in one place anywhere else.

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