BOND is Born: A Poem

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With the new year quickly approaching, the BOND team wishes you a very happy holiday season!

To those who have trusted us with getting your building and interior products into the right hands for nearly two decades, and to those who are new to the BOND community: we're so grateful to know you! May your days be filled with good cheer, great company and meaningful business relationships to come.

In honour of a successful year (all thanks to our fantastic clients and friends), here is a Christmas poem from us to you:


BOND is Born

A poem by Mike McCaffrey.

A man called Oliver had an idea – we’ll bring the people together, once a year. But who are these people? I hear you cry. The ones who build things, going up to the sky. Architects, designers. Each with a plan. To bring to the world what only they can. But do this alone, they simply could not. Inspiration and help, they needed a lot.

Where were we? Oh yes! The folk with the plans. Some with great hair and all over tans. They said they’d come, on one condition. We find the makers, with equal ambition. To make things happen and get the job done. Outside, inside, together as one. For nothing can grow without the makers. The ones with sharp suits - the movers and shakers.

For, when they learned of who would be there. And of all the time they had to share. Some wouldn’t believe. How could it be? The people with projects, and little old me. I’ve tried and tried to show them my wares. And try as I might, seems nobody cares. But three days and nights, with Principals all. And none of the hassle of building a stall.

And when at last, the big day came. The people they promised - all present, all game. Away from their busy, busy lives. Some brought their husbands and some brought their wives. And straight away, it was clear to see. That everyone here, here wanted to be. And a curiosity built up inside. To befriend each one, from far and wide.

That night, all gathered and Oliver spoke. A frog in his throat, cos this was no joke. Looking around, at all the faces. He’d brought them here from far way places. And what had seemed a good idea now felt like a mixture of gladness and fear. Will they like it? Will it all work? If not, ‘Beam me up! Like Captain Kirk!’

But fear he need not, as after he’d spoken. Conversation erupted. Much laughter and joking. And all the good folk who had shown him faith. Started to see that it wasn’t misplaced. And the makers started to feel excited. And the architects had never been more delighted. For here, in one place, for three days and nights. Was all that they needed to reach brave new heights.

For each needed the other in order to grow. And that night, the ideas started to flow. And, though Olly had started to lose his hair, that night he didn't seem to care. For all the hard work, sweat and tears. Felt much better after some beers. And as he looked upon what he had done. He smiled. ‘The people are having fun!’

A new day dawned. Birdies twittering and tweeting. The magic of coffee. Then BOND’s first ever meeting! The makers are wide-eyed, willing and able. To help with the projects on the table. The meetings fly by. But enough time to see. If the feeling is right. Both for them and for me. If the missing bits that keep them awake. Can be perfectly filled with the things that I make.

And who could imagine, the joy on their faces. The people from all those faraway places. In one day alone, how could it be? So much promise. And many more people to see! And, though business is over, for one day at least. More joy will come later as they gather to feast. And those who were once just names in a book. Will soon become friends and copy each other’s look.

And now it’s tomorrow, more confidence felt. After much conversation, ice has started to melt. And the makers who doubted, now fully believe. The ones they were promised, all will be received. More handshakes and smiles and getting to know. The ones with the projects who say yes or no. 3 days and nights, it’s not just the meetings. Those chats at the bar and the random seatings.

All gathered once more, it’s time for farewell. Architects, makers. They’ve got on so well. When all first arrived, seems so long ago. So much has been learned, so much getting to know. The feeling is not one that can be explained. Excitement and praise, no longer contained. For people are more than names in a book. And always are different to how they first look. And those who had thought they knew all whom they needed. Have had their hearts opened, with new friendships seeded.

And 20 years on, our message remains. That whatever your challenges, gripes and pains. A time away with the people you need. Can make a very big difference indeed. For we all need each other to bring plans to life. And help us with our troubles and strife. And leave with new friendships and a feeling that’s fond. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, from all here at BOND.